How Varonis protects
you from Emotet attacks

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Emotet is back and the target is everyone.

The Varonis Incident Response team is currently responding to a surge in alerts on Emotet and Ryuk. Varonis’ sophisticated solutions are ideally suited to prevent major incidents from occurring as a result of these breaches, and uncovering your company’s sensitive data. Varonis’ behavioral-based threat models can detect early signs of compromise caused by Emotet’s suite of malware. It’s crucial to ensure your organisation has the upper hand when defending against such attacks.
To support you, Somerford Associates and Varonis are offering a Free Winter Healthcheck to ensure that you are protected from this latest threat.

How Varonis Helps Stop Emotet.

‘Our incident response team is tracking an unprecedented number of Emotet malware infections. The number of active concurrent Emotet investigations is threefold our previous high-water mark. This post will cover indicators of compromise, mitigations, and how Varonis can help you detect and stop Emotet at each phase of an attack’.

Varonis Battle Plan Whitepaper.

  1. Emotet Overview.
  2. Initial Compromise.
  3. Thread Hijacking.
  4. Lateral Movement.
  5. Privilege Escalation.
  6. Endgame.

Fighting Malware & APTs with Varonis Whitepaper.

Varonis can alert you to early signs of compromise by malware and APTs with behavior-based threat models for each phase of the kill chain. Beyond detection, Varonis can dramatically reduce your attack surface by automatically identifying and removing excessive access to data.

The Varonis Data Security Platform

The Varonis Data Security Platform (DSP) protects enterprise data against insider threats, data breaches and cyberattacks by analysing content, accessibility of data and the behavior of the people and machines that access data to alert on misbehavior, enforce a least privilege model and automate data management functions.

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