Splunk Cloud Migration Assessment Offering

The Splunk Cloud Migration Assessment Offering is a free of charge, value added service from Somerford Associates. Based upon Splunk’s own Cloud Migration Assessment it evaluates and determines your on-premise Splunk installation for Migration to Splunk Cloud. Our analysis provides you with a roadmap, best practices and milestones for migrating to Splunk Cloud.


Migration Process

Understand the complete process of migrating to Splunk Cloud.

Operational Changes

Determine not only the technical aspects of your migration but also understand the operational changes and end user experiences.

Refine Key Configurations

Understand and refine your key configurations to be able to remediate for best practices prior to your migration.

You’ll Also Receive

An Architecture Diagram

Architecture diagram detailing the current state of your current Splunk architecture and the proposed future state in Splunk Cloud.

Potential Pitfalls Clearly Identified

Identifying pitfalls to provide plenty of time to build any required remediation plans.

Multi-phase Migration Plan

A multi-phase Migration Plan to help you migrate at your pace with an emphasis on milestones and targeted value.

Is this Assessment Right for you?

The Splunk Cloud Migration Assessment Offering is designed for Splunk customers who have already deployed Splunk On-Premise or Bring Your Own License (BYOL).

Why use Somerford Professional Services?

We are here to help customers to get the most out of their Splunk deployments. Our services are backed by Splunk experts, who provide consistent and quality service delivery, architecture guidance, training and ongoing support.

"Your Consultants have fantastic knowledge, dedication, flexibility and went the extra mile to ensure our project was successful."
University of Kent
“We are committed to work with the best and find partners who, together with us, create value for customers. Somerford fits in this partner strategy and we look forward to working with the team.”

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