Vault Acceleration Program (VAP) for HashiCorp Vault

The Vault Acceleration Program (VAP) is aimed at customers who need to deploy HashiCorp Vault Enterprise rapidly. Somerford Associates HashiCorp-certified consultants will work with the customer to deploy a Vault Enterprise system, modules will be deployed, and the customer will be familiar with the administration of Vault and able to continue managing secrets within their environment.

Is the Vault Acceleration Program (VAP)
right for you?

Vault is an increasingly critical component of an organisation’s workflow, however, it is a complex solution. You may need expert guidance to effectively integrate Vault, scale it, and derive the most value from it.

You are an existing Vault Enterprise customer encountering adoption challenges and/or are ready for strategic and tactical consultations on wider Vault Enterprise adoption.

You are an existing Vault OSS user or prospective Vault Enterprise customer where the organisational complexity has grown. Enterprise features might be needed, and you would welcome a strategic consultation.

Vault Acceleration  Program Goals

Receive expert roadmap and guidance from Somerford Associates to get more value from Vault at scale.

Vault Acceleration Program Schedule

Vault Acceleration Program Schedule of Work

Kick Off
An initial workshop where the Somerford team meet the stakeholders and sets expectations on the value you will receive from the program
Discovery Phase
A series of interviews with the stakeholders and optional deep dive into your existing Vault set-up.
Presenting a digestible review of the suggested steps to get more value from Vault and followed up with the deep dive reports. Covering the technical aspects, education, people and process.

Vault Acceleration Program Deliverables:

1. Health Check Questionnaire and Report

2. Training Plan

3. Reliability Plan

4. Operations Plan

5. Adoption Plan

6. (Optional) Statement of Work for Services

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Receive expert advice in this complimentary service to accelerate Vault adoption to derive the most value from an organisation's investment (OSS or Enterprise).

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