Accelerate to Cloud with Splunk Autobahn

A Quick Accelerated Proof of Value

An Autobahn POV is a cloud-based proof of value program that allows you to select from the most common, critical use cases that we see with our customers. After selecting three use cases that will help you meet your security and risk initiatives, we will load your production data into Splunk so you can see the results quickly. 

You will have 30 days to use the dashboards, reports and searches to gain value from the environment at no charge. At the end of the 30 day period we can move your Autobahn POV/trail stack straight to product with all your data and dashboards.

Utilise Splunk Cloud to manage on-prem solution expansions, upgrades, and resources indefinitely — Distributed and maintained prescriptive SaaS programme supported by Splunk experts.

Splunk Autobahn Functionality:





Splunk’s Autobahn Program details

Autobahn “Lanes”

- Specific use cases
- Adhere to Splunk customer needs

Splunk Use Cases

- Built and maintained by Industry leaders
- Approved by Splunk Experts

Built on Splunk Cloud

- Convert Splunk instances upon transfer

Flexible Autobahn “Lanes”

- Up to three Splunk use cases

Onboard your data with Splunk PS

- Work with experienced Splunk experts - Onboard on-prem data into Splunk Cloud

Splunk Autobahn Lanes Breakdown

Build your Autobahn with industry leading solutions

Enterprise Security

Gain end-to-end visibility into your security posture with actionable intelligence that helps you prioritise and act fast.
*Hosted and run by Somerford

Core Splunk for Security

Leverage a single source of truth to help drive better, faster security decisions. Stay ahead of threats with advanced threat detection and analytics-driven response.
*Hosted and run by Splunk

Core Splunk for ITOps

Reactive to proactive with real-time predictive analytics. Use Splunk for Industrial Asset Intelligence (Splunk IAI) to minimise downtime and the high costs that come with it.
*Hosted and run by Splunk

InfoSec App

The InfoSec App is designed to demonstrate fast time to value for basic information security use cases by bringing data into Splunk Cloud and visualizing/analyzing the data with the InfoSec App.
*Hosted and run by Splunk

Splunk Autobahn Onboarding Phase

Day 0
Kickoff meeting, data onboarding and Splunk Fundamentals 1
Day 0
Day 1-7
Ensure availability of environment and data ingestion
Day 1-7
Day 8-12
Onboarding data finalisation, reporting and alerting dashboard creation
Day 8-12
Day 14
Technical results presentation with ‘PoV’ documentation provided
Day 14
Day 15-21
Executive Wrap-up featuring recommended solution presentation
Day 15-21
Day 21-30
Prescriptive Value Path detailed, purchase completion and kick-off of production migration
Day 21-30

Is Splunk Autobahn for me?

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