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Somerford are a Gold Partner offering mnemonic MDR Services. mnemonic is the only European vendor recognised five years in a row in the Gartner: Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR)

mnemonic helps businesses manage their security risks, protect their data and defend against cyber threats

In the world of technology, when we think of security, we generally think of products, from antivirus to firewalls to SIEM systems. Such products vary in their ease of use and management. Those products that have been developed to solve complex problems are themselves extremely complex to implement, manage and realise the full value expected from them. Complexity of products can significantly hinder security and nowhere is this currently more true than in threat detection and response. Organisations of all sizes are finding it a real challenge to hire and retain the skilled security professionals that they need to effectively manage and respond to the threats and some organisations don’t have the budget, time or resource.

Of Security Incidents Confirmed Accurate
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Billion Events Processed Daily
Of Incidents Enriched with mnemonic Threat Intelligence

mnemonic MDR service enables organisations to combat modern cyberthreats.

At the heart of the mnemonic solution package is the proprietary MDR platform known as Argus. Argus is a 24×7 MDR service ecosystem exclusively designed to rapidly detect, analyse and respond to security threats. Taking advantage of big data analytics, machine learning, and a complex event-processing framework, Argus provides the advanced threat prevention ecosystem needed to see the big threat picture in real-time and protect customers against advanced persistent threats, zero days and targeted attacks.

mnemonic’s delivery is supported by their expert team of security analysts, ethical hackers and
incident responders, analysing security threats and performing incident validation so that customers
can focus on the threats that really matter to them.

Prevent, Detect and Respond

Argus Managed Defence

Threats from cyberattacks continue to increase every year and many organisations may already be breached without knowing it. Online criminals are rapidly evolving their methods and few businesses have a fair chance to keep up with this development. mnemonic helps customers manage these risks and protect assets so you can carry on with your business.

Applied Threat Intelligence

The threat landscape is complex, dynamic and evolving. To defend against modern threats, it is vital to maintain accurate and up-to-date knowledge of your adversaries, their tools and their targets – a task that is costly and requires significant resources. The mnemonic Threat Intelligence Team tracks new threat developments as they unfold globally and ensures your business is prepared to defend against evolving threats.

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Security Products and Support

mnemonic have extensive experience in supplying technology and products within IT and information security. Over time, they have built a large portfolio of products. When incidents occur due to problems in security products, their experienced and certified team are available 24×7 to help you resolve any issues and get back to business.

Security Operations

mnemonic experts act as an extension of your security team to ensure your critical security solutions stay up-to-date, configured to best practice and operating with optimal performance. Our in-house development team is ready to support your unique custom integration, reporting and orchestration needs.

Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

Providing visibility into the risks associated with your digital assets. Rapid detection of new vulnerabilities, poor configuration and policy drifts in combination with actionable advice empowers your resources to conduct quick, structured and prioritised remediation.

Incident Response

Serious security incidents are complex, and may be something you have never encountered before. mnemonic have the capacity and competence to manage complex security breaches on-site 24/7.

Modern Cybersecurity for the Oil & Gas Industry

Read this case study from mnemonic to learn how the Oil & Gas industry is tackling the need for state of the art modern cybersecurity.

Supercharge your Splunk with Argus MDR

Argus ingests Splunk data to uncover suspicious, malicious and abnormal behaviour. Human analysts assess, investigate and validate all potential security threats – 24×7 with Argus advanced analytics, machine learning, global threat intelligence and SOAR. The incidents are alerted and mnemonic experts assist in resolution by:

  • Verifying incident alerts
  • Recommending response actions
  • Using analysis tools
  • Incident response assistance

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