Splunk your SAP Solutions - SAP PowerConnect for Splunk

A SAP certified product that installs into NetWeaver ABAP, S/4 HANA, NetWeaver Java, SAP Cloud Platform or TomCat Java based SAP systems with realtime events uploaded directly to Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud in real time.

PowerConnect Explained

PowerConnect sends in near real time important information about what’s going on inside your SAP system allowing you to meet security compliance requirements, reduce P1 issues by 30% and reduce MTTR by 70% on your mission critical applications and systems.

SAP-certified SAP to Splunk connector

The only SAP-certified SAP to Splunk connector in the market from NW 7.01-7.5 as well as S/4 HANA.

Pre-built Splunk Dashboards

Available to customise your alerts and monitoring, the ROI is typically over 500%.


Extract high-fidelity, real-time and historic SAP telemetry data ready for analysis and visualisation in Splunk.

Day One Insights

A rich set of pre-built panels and dashboards providing insights into your SAP solution from day one.


Easily adapted to collect any metric via function module with highly customisable functionality.

Splunk Visualisations

Graphical interface supporting all visualisations available in Splunk.

Mobile Enabled

Splunk mobile access to enable visibility on all touch and tablet devices.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment options – leveraging existing investments in your existing Splunk solution.

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