Varonis  Explained

Introductory Short Video Series

Excessive Access Remediation

Episode 1 — 03:20


Episode 3 — 03:26

DatAdvantage Cloud x Salesforce

Episode 5 — 02:46

Alerting on Suspicious Behaviour

Episode 2 — 03:26

Compliance with Regulations

Episode 4 — 03:20

DatAdvantage Cloud Introduction

Episode 6 — 03:16

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Somerford are a certified Platinum Partner with Varonis. Varonis is an innovative data security platform that specialises in creating software to manage and protect enterprise data against insider threats, data breaches and cyberattacks.

Varonis Sample Data Risk Assessment

A sample scope of data stores monitored for this report: including data, folders, files, and permissions, user, and
group accounts. Risk areas highlighted include overexposed sensitive data, access control issues, and more.

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