Active Prevention and Defence

BlueVoyant’s belief is to provide effective cyber security, active prevention and defence across both the organisation and supply chain. BlueVoyant’s proprietary data, analytics and technology, coupled with deep expertise, work as a force multiplier to secure an organisation’s full ecosystem. Somerford are a Platinum Partner with BlueVoyant. 

Purpose-built Cyber Security

Somerford works with BlueVoyant to deliver purpose-built cyber security services that proactively defend business ecosystems of all sizes against today’s threats. Utilising large, real-time datasets with industry-leading analytics, and technologies. With threat intelligence, detect organisations’ most potent cybersecurity risks, while intuitive automation mitigates threats against your attack surface effectively and efficiently, providing the business and technical outcomes organisations need to stay secure and support business objectives.

What BlueVoyant Do

Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Services

Reduce cyber risk by proactively identifying, prioritising, and mitigating risks within your supply chain and investment network.

• Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management
• Portfolio Cyber Risk Management
• Government Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Managed Detection and Response Services

Cyber attacks never stop. Neither do we. Get protected with always-on security coverage you need in today’s dangerous, highly-interconnected world.
  • MDR for Microsoft
  • MDR for Endpoint
  • MDR for Splunk

Digital Risk Protection Services

Gain real-time visibility of digital threats by continuously monitoring your
external attack surface to review relevant threat actor activity.

• Digital Brand Protection
• Fraud Campaigns Discovery
• Account Takeover Monitoring
• Data Leakage Detection
• Executive Cyber Guard
• External Attack Surface Analysis

Splunk-BlueVoyant Partnership: How to Turn Data Into Doing


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3rd Party Cyber Risk Management

Vendor Onboarding, Portfolio Management, Cyber Risk Scoring, Findings, Triage, and Case Management

Microsoft Security Services

Deploy, optimise, and manage Azure Sentinel and M365 security stack

Managed Security Services

24/7 Monitoring, Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Detection and Response, Triage, Mitigation and Case Management

Threat Intelligence Services

Global cyber threat detection, predictive analysis and proactive response

Professional Services

Incident response, cyber forensics, risk assessments and proactive services

Somerford with Splunk and BlueVoyant

Somerford is able to provide bespoke integration with BlueVoyant and Splunk to enable:

Empower your Splunk Investment

Provide ongoing maintenance and customisation to maximise Splunk Cloud

Splunk Cloud Accelerator

Expert consulting to accelerate implementation and onboarding. Perfected processes to help build use cases, dashboarding, and migrate your data to get you up and running.

24/7 Security Monitoring Support

Real-time alerting, triage, threat indicator enrichment, and investigation of malicious activity with filtered notifications and alerts supported by a world-class team.

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MDR Services:

MDR for Endpoint

MDR for Microsoft

MDR for Splunk

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