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What is Apache Flink?

Apache Flink, an open-source framework designed for distributed processing, excels in handling both unbounded (streams) and bounded (batches) data sets. With seamless stream processing, data flows smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted operation and swift handling of incoming data. Engineered for efficiency, it performs computations in memory, enhancing reliability by removing single points of failure and enabling horizontal scaling.

Apache Flink's advanced state management ensures 'exactly-once' consistency and adept handling of out-of-order and delayed data with its event-time processing. Primarily geared for streaming, it offers a unified programming interface that seamlessly merges stream and batch processing.

Discover What Apache Flink Offers

Apache Flink serves as the cornerstone for a diverse array of streaming and batch applications, owing to its extensive feature set. Here are some common application types empowered by Apache Flink:

Event-driven Applications

These applications leverage Apache Flink to ingest events from various streams, executing computations, state updates, or external actions. With stateful processing, these applications transcend basic Single Message Transformation (SMT), enabling logic that depends on the historical sequence of events.

Data Analytics Applications

Apache Flink revolutionises traditional data analytics by extracting insights and information in real time. Unlike traditional approaches that query finite datasets, Apache Flink empowers continuous analysis by streaming queries and processing ingested events on the fly, ensuring up-to-date results.

Data Pipelines Applications

With Apache Flink, data pipelines undergo a paradigm shift. Instead of the conventional extract-transform-load (ETL) process executed periodically in batches, Apache Flink enables continuous data transformation and enrichment, ensuring low-latency movement to their destination.

Apache Flink Benefits

The key use cases for adopting Apache Flink:

Process Both Unbounded (Streams) and Bounded (Batches) Data Sets

Running Applications at Scale

In-Memory Performance

Exactly-Once State Consistency

Wide Range of Connectors

Multiple Levels of Abstraction

How can we help?

Get started today with Confluent’s cloud-native, serverless Apache Flink service to accelerate your data processing workflows across multiple cloud environments.

Somerford and Confluent Partnership

Somerford Associates partners with Confluent to fast-track your migration journey to Confluent. With our seamless end-to-end service and certified Confluent expertise, we ensure smooth digital transformations, from design to deployment to ongoing support. Our customers include top-tier businesses in the FTSE 100, and FTSE 250, as well as the most secure divisions of the Public Sector and Defence.
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