Extend threat visibility down to the endpoint with a Managed EDR service

Detect and respond to threats targeting your endpoints and servers anywhere in the world any time of day or night

Your endpoints and servers are sought after points of entry for attackers. Instant and comprehensive visibility into these systems plays a critical role in minimising the impact a security incident may have on your organisation.

The ability to investigate, search and analyse systems in real time enables security analysts to quickly identify, validate and isolate security threats.

Argus Endpoint Responder

With the mnemonic Managed EDR Service and the Argus Endpoint Responder, your systems will be protected with industry-leading preventative technology to block known threats. The mnemonic expert team of security analysts, threat hunters and incident responders will detect and respond to threats targeting your organisation – 24/7. Argus Endpoint Responder will enable your organisation to remotely detect and respond to security incidents and isolate systems to contain the threat, capture evidence for forensics, and rapidly hunt for attacker activity that may have gone otherwise unnoticed.

Features of our Managed EDR Service:

Argus Endpoint Responder is a module of a complete Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Endpoint activity can be correlated against cloud, network, email, vulnerability and asset data to give a single, holistic view into the threats targeting your organisation.

24/7 Managed Detection and Response

Endpoints and servers are monitored 24/7 for potential threats. Our security experts analyse and investigate any suspicious behaviour to validate the threat before alerting your security team.

Fully managed EDR service

The service is fully managed – deploy the agents and we take care of the rest. A management console is hosted either on-premise or in the cloud, and the mnemonic Threat Intelligence team ensures your systems are updated with the latest developments in the threat landscape.

Threat hunting and investigations

Whether driven by a hypothesis, an alert from authorities, or mnemonic threat intelligence research, our experts will proactively hunt for threats across your entire environment.

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The Managed EDR service capabilities:

Prevent attacks based on known threats with industry leading endpoint prevention technology
Contain endpoints and immediately deny attackers further access to your endpoints
Investigate any endpoint or server regardless of their location
Rapid interrogation of all endpoints - investigate tens or hundreds of thousands of systems in a matter of minutes
Minimise user interruptions with remote analysis, investigation, and forensics
Correlate threat activity across your entire environment
Deploy on-premise or in the cloud

Rapid Adoption Pack

Somerford and mnemonic’s Rapid Adoption Pack for a Managed EDR Service, provides your organisation with protection, enhanced visibility into your endpoints and allows for faster response time.

An integrated endpoint security solution that combines real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities.

Our Managed EDR service eases the challenge of 24/7 endpoint monitoring, supplying the latest technology, an around-the-clock team of security operations centre experts and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence for a cost-effective monthly subscription.

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