Compliance App Consultancy Package

Meet compliance requirements by monitoring, alerting and reporting using machine data

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Somerford with Splunk offers a cost-effective and flexible way to meet your compliance requirements from audit trail collection and reporting, to file integrity monitoring with a single solution.

Somerford has developed a suite of applications with dashboards, reports, alerts and searches to help you meet, report and audit some of the most common compliance and audit requirements such as:

What are your Compliance Requirements and how do you adhere to them?

Initial Review

Our initial review allows us to understand how you currently meet these requirements, how you audit them inside your organisation currently and how we can leverage Splunk to make compliance easier.  

Establish current processes:

Understand how you currently meet requirements and how you audit and meet the needs of multiple teams

Source Verification:

Ensure your data sources produce real technical evidence.

Healthcheck (optional):

Conduct a thorough health assessment of your current environment

Dashboard Customisation:

Different dashboard views for various organisation stakeholders, creating summary pages for easy viewing and reporting

Monitoring and Reporting:

Configure control for each requirement

Knowledge Transfer:

Somerford consultants will train your team on the deployment steps and ensure a transfer of knowledge to stakeholders and team members

Method for the future:

Roadmap for the future to ensure continued effective use of the compliance app

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