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An all-in-one rapid adoption pack

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The Netskope Adoption pack is an all-in-one rapid solution to give you quick and easy value from Netskope.

Providing either Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker and/or Data Loss Prevention pillars.

Somerford’s Netskope-certified consultants will help you achieve full implementation and provide a Prescriptive Value Path (PVP) solution roadmap, with support.

Netskope Adoption Pack Includes:

Licence Subscription

Enablement & Training


In-house Support Desk

Dedicated Account Manager

6 Monthly Health Check

Somerford’s enablement will allow you to maintain and grow your use cases within your team to gain value from your data.

Netskope Adoption Pack Pillars

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How to Gain Optimal Value from your Netskope Adoption

Discover how our Rapid Adoption Packs upgrade your organisation's potential and enhance your capabilities with Netskope in this blog post on the topic.

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