Lacework Cloud Security Assessment (CSA)

Automating Security Assessments with Lacework

Elevate Your Cloud Security with Lacework-Powered CSA

Procure the industry-leading Lacework-Powered Cloud Security Assessment (CSA) on the AWS Marketplace and fortify your cloud environment against risks and threats.

Cloud Security Assessment Offering Overview

Onboard Cloud Accounts

Centralised Lacework tenant to temporarily onboard cloud accounts.

Configure Risk Visibility

Visibility into configuration issues and risk from native tooling visibility gaps and complexity.

Quick Adoption

Quick adoption and deployment through Terraform or CloudFormation.

Frameworks Reporting

Out of the box reporting on frameworks for: HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, SOC2, and CIS.

Accelerate Compliance Audits

Accelerate compliance audits with full visibility into your cloud infrastructure and management plane activity.

Fast ML Baselining

Fast ML baselining (2-3 days) and automated anomaly detection for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

What benefits could a Cloud Security Assessment provide my organisation?

Paul Graham, the first partner EMEA engineer certified to offer a CSA with Lacework, has answered these questions and more in his latest blog.

Get Your FREE Lacework-Powered Cloud Security Assessment

The Lacework-Powered Cloud Security Assessment (CSA) gives Somerford Associates access to a dedicated Lacework tenant for a two-week period to assist customers in accelerating cloud account audits.

With this environment, Lacework and Somerford Associates can help you:

  • Accelerate compliance audits into your cloud infrastructure for several common frameworks
  • Onboard cloud configuration and activity data from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud in minutes to provide improved visibility
  • Understand and prioritize risk to quickly plan and remediate with partner-led services

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