Somerford Defence Service

Somerford Associates is an Elite Splunk partner that specialises in providing Splunk to secure Government departments. Under the new MOD Splunk Enterprise Agreement (MSEA), Somerford has been contracted to provide and manage the Splunk licence and professional services across the MOD. Somerford will act as a single point of contact for all Splunk requirements, with the aim of simplifying and maximising the MOD investment in Splunk. The enterprise agreement offers a range of new services for end-users including, on-demand and advisory services, professional services, user training, as well as discovery and technical workshops to enhance user’s skills and future use-case adoption.

Splunk Licencing

As part of the MSEA, the MOD has chosen to utilise the Splunk Infrastructure Licencing Model which measures the number of vCPU’s allocation per Splunk instance rather than the previous licensing “ingest” model which is based on data volume. All current end-users customers have been allocated with a new vCPU licence, and all future requests for additional or new allocations will need to be requested via Somerford.

Support Desk

Our Support Desk handles a large amount of calls annually and resolves over 95% in-house without needing to escalate to the vendor. Where required, we can also act as an escalation point to the vendor for any bugs found and ensure the case is resolved in a timely manner.

Health Check

As part of the condition of the deployment of the licence, Somerford will provide a Health Check to ensure that the customer instance is correctly deployed.

Professional Services

Somerford has been contracted to provide a pool of Security cleared resources including technical engineering and project managers to assist the end-users current and future plans/deployments of Splunk. As part of the MSEA, an allocation of professional services has been set aside and can be requested subject to approval.

Defence Knowledge Workshops

A learning journey of workshops to assist MOD.

Introduction to Splunk Knowledge Workshop

Sept 7th, 10am-1pm

Splunk Training Next Step: Search Expert

Advanced Searches and Dashboarding Knowledge Workshop

Aug 17th, 10am-1pm

Splunk Training Next Step: Knowledge Manager

Defence Webinars

Dedicated Defence focussed introductory webinar sessions.

Defence Webinar:
Introduction to Splunk Enterprise Security and SOAR


Defence Webinar:
Introduction to Splunk ITSI and Observability Suite


Discovery Workshops

Splunk 101
Introduction to Splunk Discovery Workshop

3rd Aug | 10am-1pm
22nd Sept | 10am-1pm

Splunk SOAR (Phantom) Discovery Workshop

4th Aug | 10am-1pm

Splunk4Rookies - Observability Discovery Workshop

19th Sept | 10am-1pm

Splunk Webinars

Explore Splunk Series

Splunk Cloud Explained: Technical Overview

11th July | 10am

Splunk for Security - Introducing Enterprise Security

11th July | 2pm

Introduction to Splunk's Observability Suite

8th Aug | 10am

Splunk for ITOps - ITSI Overview

5th Sept | 10am

Further Splunk Utility

Splunk Your SAP Solutions - SAP PowerConnect for Splunk

8th Aug | 2pm

Integrating Okta and Splunk

15th Aug | 10am

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring Overview

15th Aug | 2pm
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