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Somerford are a Gold Netskope Partner. Founded by technical experts in security and networking, Netskope has engineered an innovative solution for security threats that businesses face when working collaboratively, and on the move, between their network and various cloud services. They are the leader in Cloud Security, Secure Web Gateway and the highest-ranked CASB.


IT Managers' efforts to control user behaviour on the Cloud can be awkward and unrewarding

Netskope helps network managers to protect company data against threats in cloud applications, cloud infrastructure, and the web by giving them greater insight into how users behave on the cloud, providing more practical solutions, and limiting the data sharing breaches which cause concern.

Netskope Cloud Report

Netskope Cloud Report compiles the most interesting trends on cloud services and web usage seen across millions of users in hundreds of organisations globally.

Your Secure Web Gateway Can't Protect Your Most Important Traffic.

100 %

of web traffic travels through cloud applications and services

100 %

of web traffic is transport layer security (TLS) encrypted

100 %

Cloud usage is outside of your IT team’s control

And Netskope can

A Solution for Now

Most security tools in place today are not efficient enough, or are just not capable, in dealing with the needs of the ever-evolving modern work environment. Collaboration between users on different cloud services and web networks has become complex, involving the use of APIs and mobile devices. Older security mechanisms can only ‘allow’ or ‘block’ these actions; a more intelligent tool is required.

Unique Features

Netskope CloudXD recognises all inputs and performs big data analytics.

Netskope CloudXD works everywhere, on every device and handles data transfers that others miss.

Advanced threat protection defends against malware and ransomware that others don’t see.

The only platform built in the cloud that deals with Saas, Iaas, and Web Security.

Cloud Risk Assessment

Register for an analysis of your organisations cloud application usages and risk with the Netskope Cloud Risk Assessment

An Industry Leader

Netskope were recognised in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report of 2019 as a leader amongst Cloud Access Security Brokers. In the report, they were recognised for their ‘completeness of vision’ and their ‘ability to execute’; receiving high ratings for both categories. They were awarded this status for the third consecutive year. Click the button below to download a copy of the report from Netskope’s website.

Netskope Solutions

Cloud Security Demo

Netskope provide demonstrations for their Cloud Security Services, as well as demonstrations of their products, on their website. Click below to fill out their form and request a Demo.

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