HashiCorp Adoption Pack

An all-in-one rapid adoption pack for Vault & Terraform Cloud/Enterprise

The HashiCorp Adoption Packs provide quick and easy value from Vault and/or Terraform (Cloud or Enterprise).

Somerford’s HashiCorp certified consultants will help you achieve a solution for Infrastructure as Code and/or secrets management with Vault and our adoption pack includes a Prescriptive Value Path (PVP) solution roadmap, with ongoing support.

HashiCorp Adoption Pack Includes:

Licence Subscription

6 Monthly Health Check


In-house Support Desk

Dedicated Account Manager

Webinars & Workshops from Somerford

Somerford’s enablement will allow you to maintain and grow your use cases within your team to gain value from your data.


Detailed scope and sizing
HCP Vault/Terraform Cloud Environment set up
Detailed design workshops, validate scope, validate OSS set up if required, access controls, naming conventions, Delegation to teams and policies, decision on roles, code review
Configure access & set up environment, access and roles
Use case setup
Testing phase
Enablement with platform supporters
Enablement session with users
Go live with ongoing support and roadmap

HashiCorp Adoption Pack Pillars

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