Securiti Modern Privacy Adoption Pack

Ensuring Privacy Controls are Simplified and Automated.

Transforming Data Security and Compliance with Securiti

Securiti is the leader in AI-Powered security, privacy, governance and compliance for data across multi-cloud, SaaS and hybrid environments. Organisations globally rely on Securiti to secure and govern data, meet global privacy regulations and stay compliant.

Many organisations are experiencing issues with legacy and manual legacy software to manage their Privacy. There is a high total cost of ownership with manual work and ever increasing licence fees. This could all lead to a bad reputation with their customers and partners.

Securiti enables enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.

As a leader in Unified Data Controls, Securiti empowers organisations with DataControls Cloud™, enabling a centralised DataCommand Centre™. This comprehensive solution provides visibility, controls, and orchestrations for data across public clouds, data clouds, private clouds, and SaaS, unifying data security, privacy, governance, and compliance controls in one centralised platform.

Unlocking Rapid Privacy Modernisation with Our
All-in-One Securiti Adoption Pack

Our Securiti adoption pack is an all-in-one rapid solution to give you quick and easy value from Securiti to modernise your Privacy.

Data Intelligence Driven Privacy Ops

Make informed privacy decisions with data intelligence.

Simple with Automation

Streamline privacy management through automation.

Much lower TCO

Reducing your total cost of ownership while modernising your privacy practices.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

Expansion path

Scale and adapt as your privacy needs evolve.

Success Stories with Securiti

Discover how organisations have achieved remarkable results and transformed their privacy management with Securiti.

Securiti’s support for both structured and unstructured data stores at scale as well as automation and ML capabilities that removed the need for scripting were ultimately the reasons that led to our departure from OneTrust

After a few years of receiving little to no support, having constant product issues, and dealing with a ton of manual operations - we had enough. The final straw was our incumbent supplier raising prices, and adding in significant support costs for an already failing solution

Discover the Adoption Pack's Advantages

The Securiti Adoption Pack provides a quick and easy way to replace existing legacy software and embrace a modern Privacy Management Solution. Find more information below or request a demo to explore how it can benefit your business.

Licence Subscription

Enablement, Training and Implementation

In-house Support Desk

Dedicated Account Manager

6-Monthly Health Check

Securiti and Somerford Offers:


Effortless transition from legacy software to Securiti using a robust methodology.


Certified consultants to guide you through the migration process.

Migration Tools

Utilise automated migration tools for faster and risk-reduced migrations.


Comprehensive education and training programmes to empower your team.

How to Lower Your Existing TCO

Unlock cost savings and streamline operations with our flexible migration licensing, complimentary Privacy Center Notice Management, and automated workflows.

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