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Somerford are a Hyper-Specialized Focus Partner with HashiCorp, certified as an implementation partner in Vault and Terraform.

The Cloud Operating Model

As various multi-generational enterprises face disruption from newer, more nimble competitors, how do they adapt to their emerging multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures so that they can deliver applications the same way that the smaller startup community does?

HashiCorp is the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. The HashiCorp software suite enables organisations to adopt consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. HashiCorp’s open source tools Vagrant™, Packer™, Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad™ are downloaded tens of millions of times each year and are broadly adopted by the Global 2000. Enterprise versions of these products enhance the open source tools with features that promote collaboration, operations, governance, and multi-data center functionality.

The HashiCorp Stack:

The HashiCorp stack provides a control plane for each layer of the cloud, enabling enterprises to make the shift to a cloud operating model. Each product addresses specific technical and organisation challenges of cloud infrastructure automation.

Use reproducible infrastructure as code to provision any cloud or infrastructure

Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions.

Configuration files describe to Terraform the components needed to run a single application or your entire datacenter. Terraform generates an execution plan describing what it will do to reach the desired state, and then executes it to build the described infrastructure. As the configuration changes, Terraform is able to determine what changed and create incremental execution plans which can be applied.

The infrastructure Terraform can manage includes low-level components such as compute instances, storage, and networking, as well as high-level components such as DNS entries and SaaS features.

Enabling simple and flexible workload orchestration in the cloud operating model

Nomad is a simple, flexible, and production-grade work orchestrator that enables organisations to deploy, manage, and scale any application, containerised, legacy or batch jobs, across multiple regions, on private and public clouds.

Nomad is a simple and flexible workload orchestrator for any application. It enables enterprises to easily deploy, scale, and manage millions of workloads across multiple regions, on private and public clouds.

Nomad natively integrates with Terraform for infrastructure automation, Vault for secrets management and Consul for service discovery and service mesh to enable a unified infrastructure platform. Many of the world’s most cutting edge technology companies are deploying applications in production more efficiently and reliably with Nomad.

Manages secrets and protects sensitive data

HashiCorp Vault enables organisations to securely secure, store, and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data across multiple clouds. Vault secrets management centrally manages and enforces access to secrets and systems based on a trusted source of application and user identity. Governance features enable security teams to control these identities for different teams. Additionally, Vault handles multi-datacenter replication and disaster recovery so you can maintain continuous and agile application delivery.

Automate Service based networking in the cloud

Connect and secure any service with the HashiCorp Consul a multi-cloud service networking platform to connect and secure services across any runtime platform and public or private cloud.

Consul enables cloud networking automation with a central shared registry to discover, connect and secure services across any runtime platform and cloud. With service discovery, you can dynamically locate any application or services to simplify network connectivity and routing. With network middleware automation, service changes trigger dynamic reconfiguration automatically to load balancers and firewalls. And with service mesh, consistent end-to-end security enforced to services can be applied across a heterogeneous environment.

Vault is a flexible and safe secrets management solution

“We use HashiCorp Vault to protect secrets used by our application teams such as database connection strings, passwords that run jobs, and meta-data about the environment around the application. This tool helps us ensure that our accounts are secure, passwords are private and our data can't be accessed by anyone that shouldn't have access to the system.”
- Senior Solutions Engineer at a large Insurance Group, 5,000-10,000 employees

Run on your Infrastructure

Over 100 integrations running through your existing apps and infrastructure. With broad partnerships with lots of vendors, support your environment the way you like.
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AWS Marketplace - HashiCorp Case Studies

How Roblox built a platform for 100 Million players with Nomad

How Roblox built a platform for 100 Million players with Nomad

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