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Introducing the Migration Accelerator Programme

Somerford is proud to be a part of Confluent’s Migration Accelerator, which is designed to streamline the transition from traditional messaging systems or open-source Kafka deployments to Confluent. Together, Somerford and Confluent aim to alleviate the challenges and complexities associated with migration, enabling your organisation to undertake your data streaming journey with confidence.

Why Somerford?

Because managing migration on your own can be a risk. Empower your organisation with the expertise of Somerford Associates, your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of migrating to Confluent.
Streamline Your Migration
Say goodbye to the hassles of managing and scaling on your own. Let Somerford simplify your migration to Confluent.
Secure Your Data
Ensure the safety and governance of your streaming data as you scale with our proven methodologies.
Optimise Your Operations
Leverage valuable legacy data to drive modern, cloud-based apps and experiences seamlessly.
Global availability
Maintain availability across environments with minimal downtime.

Upgrade your data streaming platform with confidence


Re-imagined Kafka experience for the Cloud, powered by Confluent’s proprietary Kora engine.


Enable your developers to swiftly, reliably and securely build next-gen apps.


Be everywhere you want to be, transcending Cloud and on-prem according to your needs.
What Sets Us Apart
At Somerford, we understand that migration isn't just about moving data from point A to point B. It's about unlocking new possibilities, empowering your organisation, and driving innovation forward.

Our Accelerator programme offers expert guidance, ensuring a smooth migration journey with seasoned professionals at your side. We believe in customised solutions, collaborating closely with you to develop a tailored migration plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals. With Somerford's proven methodologies and best practices, you'll experience an accelerated time-to-value, getting up and running on Confluent faster than you imagined.
Key Benefits of Migration

Save Time and Money

Unlock significant cost savings compared to traditional platforms, resulting in 40-60% TCO savings.

Optimise Talent Utilisation

Shift valuable engineering resources from infrastructure management to building innovative applications.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Deploy and scale Kafka within minutes, enabling you to reach the market 6+ months faster.
Somerford and Confluent Partnership
Somerford Associates partners with Confluent to fast-track your migration journey to Confluent. With our seamless end-to-end service and certified Confluent expertise, we ensure smooth digital transformations, from design to deployment to ongoing support. Our customers include top-tier businesses in the FTSE 100, and FTSE 250, as well as the most secure divisions of the Public Sector and Defence.

Somerford were winners of 'Partner Innovative Solution of the Year (EMEA)' in the Confluent Partner Awards 2023. ​
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