Optimise Digital Security with OneSpan

Upgrade your security perimeter across a breadth of devices, protecting users and data everywhere

OneSpan: Ensuring Trust is Paramount for Digital Projects

OneSpan is a prominent player in the realm of digital identity and anti-fraud solutions, committed to crafting secure experiences for users, whilst also reducing workload for IT administrators. Their innovative solutions establish trust, safeguarding the credibility of individuals and elements connected to digital transactions and agreements for companies worldwide.

Somerford Associates proudly partners with OneSpan (previously Vasco), a global leader in delivering trust and business productivity solutions to more than 10,000 customers in 100 countries. OneSpan's solutions have use cases across multiple industries including financial, automotive, healthcare and central government. These solutions, when paired with Somerford's professional service capabilities, provide significant benefits.

How can OneSpan Support your Business?

With OneSpan, you get a range of practical solutions that protect critical digital assets, help businesses verify the identity of users during digital interactions,
protect digital transactions from fraud, and bolster security for mobile applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Digital Identity Verification Services

Mobile Security Suite for Crucial Apps

Electronic Signature with OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Recognised as Leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management, 2023

Reputed market advisor, Aragon Research, have compiled an independent report on organisations that are leading the way in digital transaction management. They have earmarked OneSpan as one such company.

OneSpan Sign - Electronic Signatures

Learn more about the capabilities of OneSpan Sign. Giving you power and control over electronic signatures across all aspects of the business.
OneSpan Product Use Case Catalog eBook

Uncover all that OneSpan has to offer in this Product Use Case Catalog

Go in-depth on OneSpan's offerings with an interactive eBook that showcases why you need them

Dedicated Support Desk

At Somerford Associates, we understand how frustrating it can be when software or services don't work as expected.

That's why we offer top-of-the-line support through our Service Desk, which is available to both our valued customers and prospects involved in a proof of concept.

OneSpan offers various products and services to help companies enhance their security measures, streamline processes, and provide a better experience for their customers.

OneSpan Case Studies

Uncover previous projects where OneSpan have efficiently delivered solutions oriented around trust and business productivity.

How a Premier US Bank Digitally Transformed Their Supply Chain Financing

Finance team kept the digital journey convenient and gained greater visibility

Leading Automotive Financier Takes the Hassle Out of Auto Financing

Smarter, better-suited workflows targeting their customers’ needs

OneSpan Provides Two Factor Authentication for Square Enix in Japan

Raising security awareness for online gamers, reducing fraud in video games

OneSpan Discovery Sessions

"OneSpan focuses on electronic signatures, identity verification, and secure digital transactions for organisations across various industries."

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