Okta is the identity standard.

Somerford Associates is a certified Premier Partner with Okta and an Okta user since 2016. Our team includes security cleared Consultants, Engineers, an Okta Technical Champion and Project Managers, who have implemented Okta in some of the largest and most complex organisations and Government Departments.

Somerford & Okta - Partner Testimonial

In 2016, we identified the need to partner with an Identity and Access Management provider that could address the needs of customers with cloud or hybrid infrastructures. We implemented Okta internally, and finding that Okta was easy to use and implement, we decided to add Okta to our portfolio.
“Be it to successfully migrate to the cloud, or to leverage cloud investments better and more cost-effectively in the long run, identity is a fundamental part of the IT strategy of any business. And Okta is the. best placed solution in our suite to connect everyone to everything.” – Grace Maher.

Somerford Associates: Helping UK Organisations Put Identity at the Centre of Their IT Strategies

Okta Partner Sales and Presales accreditation training gives us a fantastic background in the identity space as a whole and teaches the value of identity management.

Okta Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

The Okta Identity Cloud provides secure identity management with Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management, Provisioning, and more. Protect the identities of your workforce and customers – securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time enabling trustworthy connections to the tools needed. Okta is scalable to any size of organisation.

Products in the data identity cloud

Single Sign-On

Sign in once to get instant access to all your apps.

Multi-factor Authentication

Prevent identity attacks with an added level of authentication.

Lifecycle Management

Automate how people move into, across, and out of your organisation.

Universal Directory

Centrally manage every user, app, device, and API in your organisation.

API Access Management

Grant secure access to your APIs with our powerful policy framework. 

Logistic app 2
Okta API Products

Build an app with our APIs for user management and authentication.

Okta '20-Minute' Webinar Series | Ft. Okta CIAM, SSO, MFA & Zero Trust

Zero Trust in Remote Working


How to Implement Zero Trust in a Remote Working Environment


Okta and Apps


Make Your Applications Work Better for you




Make SAML Work Harder for you


The Cost of Password Resets


How Much Are Password Resets Costing Your Company?


Service Desk Overwhelmed?


Service Desk Overwhelmed? Secure Self-Service can Help


Seamless Identity Across Your Services


Provide Customers with Seamless Identity Across all Your Services

Leverage SWA, SAML and Federated access to securely sign into all your applications, all in one place.
50% reduction in authentication related helpdesk calls
99% uptime SLA
81% of data breaches involve weak or stolen credentials that can be prevented

Okta Partner Technology - built for more

Over 6,000 pre-built integrations means Okta can secure the connection between anyone who touches your organisation with any technology they want to use. Discover how  SAML, and automated provisioning can give you more from your applications.

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Pre-built integrations

The State of Zero Trust Security in Global Organizations

‘To meet the access and usability demands of modern employees and consumers, companies are moving towards a more robust and comprehensive security posture that’s centered around the zero trust principle of “never trust, always verify.”’

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