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Splunk Edge Hub streamlines the capture and utilisation of previously elusive data. Splunk Edge Hub, combined with the capabilities of the Splunk platform, empowers customers to swiftly take action, attain comprehensive end-to-end visibility, and extend data capabilities in physical environments, all on a large scale.

What is Splunk Edge Hub?

Facilitating a comprehensive perspective on data flows and environments, Splunk Edge Hub is equipped with integrated sensors and supports industrial protocols to monitor data in physical settings. Integrated with the analytical capabilities of the Splunk platform, this solution empowers customers to swiftly detect issues, optimise investigations, and automate response workflows on a large scale, using Splunk dashboards for in-depth insights.

In the context of Splunk, Edge Servers or Edge Hubs manage data forwarding, simplifying the control and monitoring of data from various endpoints in resource-constrained environments.

Somerford is certified to customise the Splunk Edge Hub solution to address specific business and operational challenges within various industries.
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Somerford's Splunk Edge Hub '101' Showcase

Watch our 20-minute showcase to understand Splunk Edge Hub and our partnership with Splunk for onboarding and support.

Key Splunk Edge Hub Use Cases

Manufacturing Monitoring

The edge hub can help you achieve complete visibility over your manufacturing environment. whether this be through monitoring of you industrial processes, energy consumption or environmental monitoring of your manufacturing facilities.

Predictive Analytics

In manufacturing processes, we strategically safeguard against outages and downtimes while predicting maintenance schedules related to infrastructure, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
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Customised Solutions

Developed by Splunk Edge Hub Partners, such as Somerford Associates, our solution is designed to enhance visibility and foster business resilience.

Sustainability Benefits with Splunk Edge Hub

Utilise system and sensor streaming data to control and automate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting. This becomes particularly crucial as industries must pivot and give more attention in favour of environmental safeguards and corporate responsibility to meet regulatory demands.

Predictive Maintenance

The continuous monitoring and sensor data collection offered with the Splunk hub combined with the powerful Splunk analytics platform provides you with the visibility needed in order to accurately predict upcoming maintenance needs before they arise helping you reduce any potential downtime before it occurs.

Network Infrastructure Monitoring

The edge hub offers you the ability to monitor your network infrastructure to help ensure the optimal environmental conditions and to eliminate any blind spots in your network infrastructure monitoring, through extending your current boundaries with the edge hub.
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What is Splunk Edge Hub? - Somerford Blog Post

“It's no secret that the more data you collect, then the better insight you can have into what’s going on around you” Splunk Technical Expert at Somerford

Other Splunk Edge Hub Use Cases Per Industry

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Network/Data Center Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of critical data centre operations can automate reporting requirements, reduce network outages, and minimise environmental impact.


Keep your production line moving with Splunk Edge Hub solutions, whether you aim to enhance performance in assembly, quality control, and inventory management, or minimise downtime and unscheduled maintenance of critical high-value assets.

Building Management

Increase building profitability by automating systems based on activity thresholds, reducing wasted energy costs, and receiving alerts that may impact system performance.


Drive predictive maintenance, automate critical performance KPIs, and maintain operational uptime by leveraging streaming sensor, system, and asset data within your manufacturing operations.


Whether on the road, track, or in the air, data utilisation can reduce maintenance and support costs, minimise unscheduled maintenance, and optimise overall business operations.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry can achieve measurable outcomes by streaming data to manage systems uptime, and identify potential impacts on production.


Mission-critical to everyday lives, monitor and manage environmental impact and system performance in water, electricity, and other utilities facilities, reducing operational downtime or contamination in remote operations.

Supply Chain

Expand and monitor operations by leveraging real-time data from the edge of your operations back to planning and forecasting systems, surfacing gaps and risks from sourcing to delivery.

Generate Insights from Edge AI

Individual sensors are equipped with machine learning and deep learning capabilities, allowing them to autonomously identify anomalies and patterns at the edge. This process occurs without the need to transmit data to the cloud.

Somerford's Value and Services

Somerford are an Elite Splunk Partner with expert certified Splunk Edge Hub consultants offering unparalleled value from our services.

Licence Reseller

We have a track record of success with large companies, and the most secure departments of the Public Sector and Defence.

In-House Support Desk

Our dedicated in-house support desk resolves 90%+ of cases directly without escalating to the vendor.

Expert Implementation

Crafting personalised and user-friendly visual dashboards in Splunk through innovative design and development techniques.

Annual In-Person Device Check

Tasked with overseeing the entire scope of an engagement, our Project Managers are certified for the entire implementation process.

Account Management

Seamlessly migrate your Splunk environment to the cloud, optimising scalability, performance, and security to ensure a smooth transition that minimises any impact on your operational continuity.

Enquire About Splunk Edge Hub

Somerford Associates is on hand to deliver Splunk Edge Hub and other Splunk services to meet any requirement. We're here to make sure your Splunk instance exceeds your expectations.
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