Secure Infrastructure for the Modern Enterprise

Somerford are a certified Premier Partner with Cyxtera, delivering a secure platform for connecting and protecting dedicated infrastructure, private clouds and public clouds.

Data Center Services

Secure Access

Threat Management and Analytics

Data Center Services
Secure Access
Threat Management and Analytics
Colocation Reinvented
The Perimeter Can Be Anywhere – Secure it Everywhere
Putting Cybercriminals on Notice
Cyxtera enabled companies to deploy and secure an integrated and hybrid IT architecture connecting their facilities and services with on-premise and cloud workloads
From the industry’s most comprehensive software defined perimeter solution to authentication and proactive malware protection, Cyxtera’s Secure Access portfolio defends your network and digital channel access from a new of age of cyber threat.
Better predict, detect and prevent cyberattacks across your organisation with Cyxtera’s portfolio of strategic threat, fraud detection, advanced investigative analytics and advisory services.

Somerford Associates are a Cyxtera Partner

We have a team of Cyxtera certified engineers for professional services and support. Somerford as a Cyxtera Partner can assist in the deployment of Cyxtera products.

AppGate SDP

Identity-centric, network-enforce perimeter. A powerful network security platform that delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Software-Defined Perimeter, able to secure any application, on any platform, in any location.

Fully managed network security solution. A turnkey fully managed network security service that reduces deployment challenges and simplifies implementation to enforce secure one-to-one identity-centric connections for every user, device, location, and application.

AppGate as a Service

AppGate Insight

Visualise your AWS network traffic. Unprecedented visibility of any connectivity into complex AWS environments so cloud and network architects can easily identify unusual traffic, reduce complexity and audit scope.

Risk-based multi-factor authentication. Dynamic authentication factors that protect remote and privileged access, while creating a convenient experience for end users.

DetectID Enterprise

Detect Safe Browsing

Detect and proetect against malware. A proactive and flexible anti-malware solution that stops fraud and safeguards customers online transactions against identity theft and account takeover.

Transaction and login monitoring for fraud prevention. Predicts suspicious user activity through machine learning and behavioural analytics to prevent fraud in real-time.


Threat Management and Analytics

Even the most secure enterprise can still be the target of cyber threats. Cyxtera provides an arsenal of tools and a team of experts to proactively predict, detect and prevent cyberattacks and fraud. Our advanced investigative analytics platform pinpoints suspect activity and speeds investigations. Identifying the most effective offensive and defensive strategies, our aggressive threat response protocols, fraud intelligence and protection solutions ensure rapid cyber resilience across your entire IT footprint.

Threat Analytics Services

A portfolio of offensive and defensive data-driven threat analytics, advisory and incident response services to help protect your entire enterprise.


Advanced investigative analytics with augmented intelligence and machine learning to make smarter, faster, more informed decisions.

Detect Monitoring Services

Powerful fraud detection intelligence, threat visibility and analytics across email, web and social media.

DMARC Compass

Identify and eliminate email spoofing, block fraudulent messages and take down phishing websites in real-time.

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