Splunk Observability Suite

Infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, digital experience monitoring, log investigation and incident response in a single, tightly integrated suite of products.

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What does the Splunk Observability Suite Offer?

The Splunk Observability Suite delivers a unified, consistent experience that leverages industry-leading no sample streaming, full-fidelity ingestion, and sophisticated machine learning capabilities to collect and correlate across all metric, trace and log data in real-time and at any scale. The Observability Suite is designed to help IT and DevOps teams maintain the highest levels of business performance, minimise downtime and deliver world-class digital experiences.

As IT and DevOps teams strive to keep up with ever changing business requirements and deliver flawless customer experiences, the pace of digital and cloud initiatives accelerate. More and more organisations are migrating workloads to the cloud, refactoring existing applications, and building new applications natively in the cloud. This results in greater complexity across multiple environments as well as a growing number of unexpected failure conditions that are even more challenging to investigate and resolve.

Core Use Cases

Splunk Observability Sweet Spot Use Cases

Cloud Migration

Hybrid cloud monitoring
Cloud cost management
Cloud capacity planning

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud infra & services monitoring
Kubernetes & container monitoring 
Serverless monitoring
KPIs monitoring using custom metrics

Application Performance Monitoring

Application modernization
Microservices monitoring & troubleshooting
Business SLx monitoring
DevOps application lifecycle monitoring

Incident Response

Reduce remediation time & Improve on-call (“Incident Response”)

Bring Data to IT Ops

Embrace AIOps for the technical agility, speed and capacity needed

Infrastructure Monitoring

Avoid downtime. Monitor and troubleshoot across your infrastructure: physical, virtual or in the cloud.

Business and IT Service Monitoring

Get a complete view across your infrastructure, applications and services.


Future-proof your organisation with machine learning for predictive alerting and auto-remediation.

Bring Data to DevOps

Ingesting, Monitoring, Visualising and Analysing data

Application Modernisation

Analyse and alert on all trace data to maximise app performance and accelerate innovation for better customer experiences. 

Incident Response

Improve the on-call experience and reduce mean-time-to-acknowledgement (MTTA) with mobile-first, automated incident response. 

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