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Splunk Observability Suite

Unleash Real-Time Insights with Splunk Observability

What is Splunk Observability?

Infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, digital experience monitoring, log investigation and incident response in a single, tightly integrated suite of products.

Splunk Observability enhances digital resilience by offering complete visibility, accurate troubleshooting, and cost control for ITOps and engineering teams. It unifies metrics, traces, and logs, ensuring high-performing applications and better customer experiences.

Splunk's platform provides full visibility, AIOps, and incident intelligence, integrating with the Splunk Cloud Platform for seamless data management. This enables teams to diagnose issues across any environment quickly, reducing time spent analysing.

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What does the Splunk Observability Suite Offer?​

Improve Digital Resilience

Splunk Observability enables ITOps and engineering teams to find and fix problems faster, ensuring reliability while gaining control over data and costs. By building a leading observability practice, you can enhance your digital resilience and maintain a competitive edge.

Unify Visibility

Only Splunk provides comprehensive digital visibility by sharing data, context, and workflows. This unification ensures that ITOps and engineering teams have the complete picture, allowing for more accurate and efficient problem-solving.

Accelerate Troubleshooting

With Splunk, diagnose issues across any environment swiftly, reducing time spent in war rooms. The integration with the Splunk Cloud Platform allows for the preview of metrics and traces alongside log data, streamlining the troubleshooting process and accelerating incident resolution.

Increase Developer Productivity

Automated observability with Splunk means developers spend less time troubleshooting and more time shipping quality code. This increase in productivity leads to faster development cycles and more robust applications.

Create Better User Experiences

Maintain high application availability and ensure superior user experiences with instant feedback on critical business systems. Splunk Observability helps you monitor the behaviour of your applications in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments and improvements.

Reduce Operational Uncertainty

Eliminate blind spots and confidently scale your operations in the cloud. Splunk Observability provides the insights needed to prevent operational surprises, ensuring smooth and predictable growth.

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What Benefits does Somerford's End-to-End Splunk Professional Services Offer?

Expert Knowledge & Guidance

Receive expert insights on Splunk, gaining a comprehensive understanding of optimal practices and tailored recommendations to maximise the returns on your investment.

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Harness the expertise of Splunk professionals to achieve greater outcomes in a shorter timeframe

Faster ROI

Employing our Professional Services offers the quickest and most efficient approach to deploying your Splunk solution, ensuring rapid time-to-value


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