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Deploying Okta at Somerford Associates

By Grace Maher – May 20th 2021

Top 5 Reasons why an Organisation needs Customer Identity Access Management

By Grace Maher – May 20th 2021

Taking the first steps towards SASE cloud security

By Paul Graham – April 30th 2021

Why do we need a SIEM? What are the benefits?

By Jake Knight – April 20th 2021

Splunk Smartstore & Cloudian: Integrate, Consolidate, Remediate

By Carl Parker – April 16th 2021

How Varonis can combat insider risk in Microsoft 365 with new features in Varonis 8.5.2

By Charlotte Fletcher – March 24th 2021

Enterprise-Grade Terraform with HashiCorp

By John Jarvis – March 19th 2021

Get 'Hands on' with Okta at our Discovery Workshops

By Jamie Turbill – March 5th 2021

The Verizon 2020 Data Breach Incident Report: Business Data Trends & Breaches

By Grace Maher – February 26th 2021

Splunk Dashboarding
Updates in v8

By Grace Maher – February 23rd 2021

Somerford Support Desk
in 2020: A Review

By Grace Maher – January 29th 2021

How to troubleshoot Splunk Indexer Blocked Queues

By Grace Maher – January 29th 2021

Splunk - Overall Best Practice in the Data Onboarding Process

By Laurence Everitt – January 14th 2021

Vault Enterprise: Secrets Management at Scale

By John Jarvis – January 11th 2021

Is your SWG blind to 50% of traffic - Netskope can “Prove it”

By Paul Graham – January 5th 2021

How your customer will benefit from Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)

By Grace Maher – January 4th 2021

Top Tips for Secure Collaboration With Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

By Grace Maher – December 16th 2020

HashiCorp - Why go Enterprise?

By John Jarvis – December 11th 2020

Introducing Okta Access Gateway

By Grace Maher – December 7th 2020

Splunk Education | Workplace Insights & Interaction Analytics

By Grace Maher – December 7th 2020

Splunk App for Monitoring HashiCorp Vault

By Mark Gritter, HashiCorp – November 12th 2020

AWS Marketplace: The Curated Digital Catalog Service

By Grace Maher – October 27th 2020

Upgrading to Splunk 8.x and Python 2.7 End-of-Life

By Frazer Brown – October 8th 2020

Splunk, Okta & Netskope: Better Together

By Baz Donoghue & Grace Maher – October 1st 2020

KnowBe4 PhishER Extension - PhishRIP

By Andrew Weston  – September 29th 2020

Leveraging Varonis with Splunk to Create a Holistic Data Security State

By Grace Maher  – September 15th 2020

The Power of Okta Workflows

By Jamie Turbill  – September 7th 2020

Splunk Machine Learning - Fixing Things Faster

By Martyn O’Connor – August 21st 2020

Netskope | Understanding Coverage Isn’t Just About Counting Data Centers

By Jason Hofman (Netskope) – August 20th 2020

The Future Of Our Workplace | Okta Workflows

By James Richmond (Okta) – August 18th 2020

Announcing Okta SSO for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud for Business

By Ivan Dwyer (Okta) – August 14th 2020

Top 3 PAM features for Centrify's Zero Trust Infrastructure Services

By Ben Marrable – July 13th 2020

Splunk ITSI - Somerford’s approach for delivering business value

By Paul Winchester – June 29th 2020

KnowBe4 | Identify and Respond to Email Threats Faster with PhishER

By Andrew Weston – June 22nd 2020

How does an Incident Response Team Respond to Threats with Varonis?

By Grace Maher – June 18th 2020

Splunk Use Cases | Splunking Beat Saber!

By Jamie Turbill – June 17th 2020

Somerford | Resilience Through Data

By  Matt Cadman – June 11th 2020

Varonis | Remote Teaching using Microsoft Teams: Security and Compliance

By  Matt Cadman – June 9th 2020

Cloudian | Enabling Content Collaboration for Remote Workers

By  Cloudian – June 2nd 2020

Varonis Deployment at a Leading Multinational Organisation

By  Matt Woodhams – May 29th 2020

Splunk Enterprise on AWS - A Perfect Match!

By Jamie Turbill – May 27th 2020

Using Varonis and Teams to visualise and reduce risk in a home-working World

By Patrick Rudaz – May 13th 2020

Netskope Home Workers | Private Access

By Dan Reeder – April 22nd 2020

Supporting UK Defence

By Neal Harrison MBE – April 20th 2020

Why you shouldn't use Real Time Searches everywhere

By Laurence Everitt- March 13th 2020

The Art of Splunk

By Jack Roy – March 9th 2020

SplunkLive! 2020 | 5th March | O2 Intercontinental, London

By Carl Parker – February 24th 2020

Office 365 Lifecycle Management with Okta

By Jamie Turbill – February 18th 2020

Splunk Augmented Reality

By Mark Atkinson – February 11th 2020

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