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KnowBe4 PhishER Extension - PhishRIP

By Andrew Weston  – September 29th 2020

Leveraging Varonis with Splunk to Create a Holistic Data Security State

By Grace Maher  – September 15th 2020

The Power of Okta Workflows

By Jamie Turbill  – September 7th 2020

Splunk Machine Learning - Fixing Things Faster

By Martyn O’Connor – August 21st 2020

Netskope | Understanding Coverage Isn’t Just About Counting Data Centers

By Jason Hofman (Netskope) – August 20th 2020

The Future Of Our Workplace | Okta Workflows

By James Richmond (Okta) – August 18th 2020

Announcing Okta SSO for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud for Business

By Ivan Dwyer (Okta) – August 14th 2020

Top 3 PAM features for Centrify's Zero Trust Infrastructure Services

By Ben Marrable – July 13th 2020

Splunk ITSI - Somerford’s approach for delivering business value

By Paul Winchester – June 29th 2020

KnowBe4 | Identify and Respond to Email Threats Faster with PhishER

By Andrew Weston – June 22nd 2020

How does an Incident Response Team Respond to Threats with Varonis?

By Grace Maher – June 18th 2020

Splunk Use Cases | Splunking Beat Saber!

By Jamie Turbill – June 17th 2020

Somerford | Resilience Through Data

By  Matt Cadman – June 11th 2020

Varonis | Remote Teaching using Microsoft Teams: Security and Compliance

By  Matt Cadman – June 9th 2020

Cloudian | Enabling Content Collaboration for Remote Workers

By  Cloudian – June 2nd 2020

Varonis Deployment at a Leading Multinational Organisation

By  Matt Woodhams – May 29th 2020

Splunk Enterprise on AWS - A Perfect Match!

By Jamie Turbill – May 27th 2020

Using Varonis and Teams to visualise and reduce risk in a home-working World

By Patrick Rudaz – May 13th 2020

Netskope Home Workers | Private Access

By Dan Reeder – April 22nd 2020

Supporting UK Defence

By Neal Harrison MBE – April 20th 2020

Why you shouldn't use Real Time Searches everywhere

By Laurence Everitt- March 13th 2020

The Art of Splunk

By Jack Roy – March 9th 2020

SplunkLive! 2020 | 5th March | O2 Intercontinental, London

By Carl Parker – February 24th 2020

Office 365 Lifecycle Management with Okta

By Jamie Turbill – February 18th 2020

Splunk Augmented Reality

By Mark Atkinson – February 11th 2020

Managing Security in your digital supply chain with SecurityScorecard

By Andy Gibbs – January 31st 2020

'I know SSO, but what is this so-called Desktop SSO? How does it make my life easier?'

By Grace Maher – January 17th 2020

Taking Data from Neglected
to Protected

By Andrew Weston – January 13th 2020

University of Exeter Splunk Deployment Part 3

By Baz Donoghue – January 6th 2020

Cloud Access Security Broker vs Secure Web Gateway

By Dan Reeder – December 18th 2019

Supplier Risk - Are we leaving the back door open?

By Andy Gibbs – December 2nd 2019

KnowBe4 | Audits Done. Half The Time.

By Andrew Weston – November 28th 2019

Important Announcement: Splunk Timestamp Recognition of Dates 2020

By Grace Maher – November 26th 2019

Splunk DSPT: Bringing the value of Splunk to DSPT Reporting​

By Grace Maher – November 13th 2019

Splunk: Bringing Data to Everything

By Grace Maher – October 25th 2019

Enterprise Security Assets and Identities Part 2 - Assets

By Ben Marrable – October 23rd 2019

Enterprise Security Assets and Identities Part 1 - Identities

By Ben Marrable – September 23rd 2019

The University of Exeter - Project Management Perspective

By Matt Woodhams – September 4th 2019

The University of Exeter - Part 2: "Zero to SIEM" in 8 weeks, the Splunk Deployment​

By Baz Donaghue – September 4th 2019

How Okta Can Help Modernise Public Sector IAM Strategies

By Grace Maher – August 30th 2019

Machine Learning in Splunk - Say hello to the MLTK

By Martyn O’Connor – August 21st 2019

Splunk & Varonis - Taking visibility to the next level

By Andrew Weston – August 9th 2019

The University of Exeter - Part 1: "Zero to SIEM" in 8 weeks, the Splunk Deployment

By Baz Donoghue – August 2nd 2019

Varonis Named a ‘Strong Performer’ in 2019 Forrester Wave for Data Security Portfolio Vendors

Varonis Analyst Report – July 10th 2019

Legacy PAM - Is a vault really enough in today's modern Threat Landscape

By Mark Jopling – July 2nd 2019

Splunk ITSI - Getting to the heart of the problem

By Andy Gibbs – June 26th 2019

Splunking Okta and
Okta'ing Splunk! - Pt 2

By Jamie Turbill – June 21st 2019

Splunk & Phantom
- My Journey

By Baz Donoghue – June 17th 2019

Splunk UBA - Turn your security detection up to 11

By Ben Marrable – May 21st 2019

Business Process Analytics With No SPL? Business Flow is here.

By Grace Maher – May 21st 2019

How Can we Control Privilege Accounts Without Blocking Privileged Users

By Ben Marrable – May 21st 2019

Don’t fear Skynet - How AI can help us all be safer

By Martyn O’Connor, MBE – April 26th 2019

Improving Health Services with Artificial Intelligence

By Martyn O’Connor, MBE – April 25th 2019

Splunk - Is your SIEM due an MOT? - Part 2, Observations by a Splunk Consultant

By Martyn O’Connor, MBE – April 12th 2019

Stronger Together: SecurityScorecard and Splunk

By Andrew Weston – April 4th 2019

Splunk - Is your SIEM due an MOT? - Part 1

By Martyn O’Connor, MBE-March 25th 2019

How to Securely Engage your Customers and Partners with Okta

By Grace Maher – March 15th 2019

Splunking Okta and Okta'ing Splunk! - Part 1

By Jamie Turbill – February 6th 2019

Security in the Supply Chain with SecurityScorecard

By Andy Gibbs – October 24th 2018

Getting the best from your Splunk Implementation

By Andy Gibbs – July 17th 2018

How Okta can Assist Automating your Workforce

By Grace Maher – June 18th 2018

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