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How to Get the Best Out of SAP

By Grace Maher – May 25th 2022

Tuning Concepts for Splunk ES with a Risk Based Alerting Approach (RBA Part 2)

By Ben Marrable  –
February 14th 2022

Getting Started with Risk Based Alerting (RBA Part 1)

By Ben Marrable  –
February 14th 2022

Enabling A Risk-Based Approach To Cloud Security For Splunk

By Ben Marrable  –
February 14th 2022

How a Weak Active Directory can Leave you Exposed

By Beth Laws  –
February 10th 2022

Extending Vault: Zero Trust with HashiCorp Boundary

By John ‘JJ’ Jarvis  –
January 28th 2022

Introducing the Okta Identity Engine

By Grace Maher  –
January 27th 2022

Improve IT Admin Insight with Okta's Import Monitoring Dashboard

By Shaq Duffus-Gordon  –
November 25th 2021

How can Netskope help in protecting data, assets and users from a SASE perspective?

By Paul Graham  –
November 24th 2021

Why do companies need Identity Access Management?

By Jamie Turbill  –
November 23rd 2021

How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack with Varonis

By Charlotte Fletcher  –
October 25th 2021

End of Life Infrastructure Monitoring Apps and the New Way Forward

By Grace Maher  –
October 22nd 2021

How do Okta & Varonis
work together?

By Grace Maher & Charlotte Fletcher –
October 21st 2021

Varonis: Meet
DatAdvantage Cloud

By Charlotte Fletcher –
October 21st 2021

Protecting HashiCorp Vault against Insider Threats

By John Jarvis –
September 20th 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Choose HashiCorp Vault

By Tom Earl –
September 18th 2021

Beat Saber with Splunk

By Jamie Turbill –
September 10th 2021

Netskope Home Workers | Private Access

By Dan Reeder –
September 7th 2021

How to get the best out of Splunk Real Time Searches

By Laurence Everitt –
September 2nd 2021

Managing Identities in Splunk Enterprise Security​​

By Ben Marrable –
August 31st 2021

Splunk Use Case: Creating Art

By Jack Roy –
August 25th 2021

Configuring Splunk in Okta

By Jamie Turbill –
August 20th 2021

Netskope: Cloud Access Security Broker vs Secure Web Gateway

August 6th 2021

A Beginner's Guide to SASE

August 5th 2021

Oktane 2021 Recap

July 17th 2021

Somerford Associates: Helping UK Organisations Put Identity at the Centre of Their IT Strategies

July 14th 2021

The Difference between Splunk ES & Splunk Security Essentials

By Ben Marrable –
June 22nd 2021

What You Get With a Varonis Data Risk Assessment

By Charlotte Fletcher –
June 15th 2021

Top 5 Reasons why you
Should Deploy Splunk
Cloud on AWS

By Grace Maher –
June 1st 2021

Threat Detection and Investigation with Splunk & Varonis

By Charlotte Fletcher –
May 21st 2021

10 Ways Observability will Benefit your Organisation & How Does it Differ to Monitoring

By Paul Winchester
May 21st 2021

Deploying Okta at Somerford Associates

By Grace Maher
May 20th 2021

Top 5 Reasons why an Organisation needs Customer Identity Access Management

By Grace Maher
May 20th 2021

Taking the first steps towards SASE cloud security

By Paul Graham
April 30th 2021

Why do we need a SIEM? What are the benefits?

By Jake Knight – April 20th 2021

Splunk Smartstore & Cloudian: Integrate, Consolidate, Remediate

By Carl Parker – April 16th 2021

How Varonis can combat insider risk in Microsoft 365 with new features in Varonis 8.5.2

By Charlotte Fletcher – March 24th 2021

Enterprise-Grade Terraform with HashiCorp

By John Jarvis – March 19th 2021

Get 'Hands on' with Okta at our Discovery Workshops

By Jamie Turbill – March 5th 2021

The Verizon 2020 Data Breach Incident Report: Business Data Trends & Breaches

By Grace Maher – February 26th 2021

Somerford Support Desk
in 2020: A Review

By Grace Maher – January 29th 2021

How to troubleshoot Splunk Indexer Blocked Queues

By Grace Maher – January 29th 2021

Splunk - Overall Best Practice in the Data Onboarding Process

By Laurence Everitt – January 14th 2021

Vault Enterprise: Secrets Management at Scale

By John Jarvis – January 11th 2021

Is your SWG blind to 50% of traffic - Netskope can “Prove it”

By Paul Graham – January 5th 2021

How your customer will benefit from Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)

By Grace Maher – January 4th 2021

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