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Somerford have worked diligently with our customers and partners to build a simple yet thorough set of dashboards and searches to represent your data in a format suitable for auditing, now available on Splunkbase.

How can I benefit?

CESG Protective Monitoring, also known as Good Practice Guide 13, or GPG13, is a UK government recommended set of people and business processes and technology to improve company risk profiles - a Protective Monitoring solution will provide visibility and an understanding of who is accessing your organisations sensitive data. Implementation of protective monitoring solutions are recommended in a number of regulatory and industry best practices, such as PCI DSS, Cyber Security and SOX. The Audit and Compliance app allows you to meet all these regulations.
Audit and compliance
Implementation of Good Practice Guide 13 is a strong recommendation for all HMG ICT Systems and is essentially compulsory for systems that store high impact level data.

App Installation and Support

This application requires the Splunk Common Information Model. The Splunk CIM should be configured correctly and your data should be CIM compliant. The Splunk CIM data models should be accelerated.
Please note: This app does not provide normalisation for any existing data or provides CIM compliance for anything you may already be indexing.

For more information on the Splunk CIM please see:
App –
Docs –
Splunk Add-ons and CIM –

Please note: This app contains several scheduled searches. Dashboards may not populate immediately following installation.
This application should be installed on Search Heads. It is not required on Splunk Indexers or Splunk Universal and Heavy Forwarders.

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