Pinpoint Vulnerabilities Accurately
With Varonis' DRA

Varonis: Data Security & Insider Threat Detection

Varonis assists in mitigating data risks by allowing companies to quickly identify where sensitive information is located and then takes immediate action to reduce exposure by locking down file and directory permissions so that only essential staff have access.

Free Data Risk Assessment

The Varonis DRA pinpoints vulnerabilities accurately and provides concrete steps to prioritise and fix major security risks and compliance issues in your data, like:

  • Global access, stale data, and inconsistent permissions
  • Overexposed sensitive data like PII, HIPAA and PCI
  • Non-compliant access and authorisation processes

Your dedicated DRA engineer will help to:

  • Identify in-scope servers to monitor
  • Find and revoke excessive access to sensitive folders
  • Audit user activity and detect risk behaviour/ransomware
  • Identify and prioritise at-risk areas

Varonis Data Risk Assessment Video

See how the Varonis Data Risk Assessment turns the lights on, discovers critical vulnerabilities and more:

Varonis Data Risk Assessment Webinar

Join our 30-minute webinar, on the 14th of May at 10 am, to find out what a Data Risk Assessment will provide your organisation.

Understand how it will “shine a light” on security issues that put you at risk from data breaches, insider threats and malware attacks.

Varonis Web Events Webinars & LiveChats

Join the series of webinars with Varonis throughout April & May on:

  • 5 Ways Hackers Are Exploiting Remote Workforces & What to do About it
  • Office 365 Man-in-the-Middle Attack Demo
  • Remote Work Security LiveChat Q&A
  • Automation Engine Masterclass: Step-by-Step Remediation Training

Help to detect data exfiltration, people using RPD in different ways (with AD) and more, especially as more employees work from home with VPN, DNA & web proxy monitoring with Edge

Flag Suspicious authentication behaviour, like an admin account logging onto more devices than usual with free evaluation license of DatAlert

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