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Business Challenges

We have so much Unstructured Data and I have no idea how much of it is sensitive, how effective our security controls are and who is accessing this data.

How can Varonis help me? 

Varonis’ Data Classification Engine can look inside files and identify where you have regulated and sensitive data that is at risk.

Now that you know where the sensitive data is Varonis DatAdvantage helps you lock down overexposed data, stale data and remediate any security vulnerabilities. Going forward Varonis is also able to alert you to any suspicious or abnormal activity taking place on your sensitive data.

There seems to be daily reports of people being infected with Ransomware. How do I prevent my organisation from being next?

Varonis can help here as well. Firstly, by identifying sensitive and critical files using the Data Classification Engine and then reducing your attack surface using DatAdvantage. Varonis monitors every file touched within your system so should the inevitable happen you can quickly identify which files have been encrypted and recover them from backups or snapshots.

Better still using Varonis DatAlert you can identify over 850 known Ransomware variants as well as 0-day attacks using sophisticated user behaviour analytics. Not only does DatAlert monitor and alert on suspicious activity and behaviour that resembles ransomware it can also trigger automatic responses such as shutting down a compromised account automatically before serious damage is done.

Data breaches are almost a daily occurrence and we are very aware of how these can affect our daily lives, but how can we prevent these breaches from happening?

Using Varonis helps you track, stop and eliminate these situations by reducing access to your most sensitive and critical data and identifying potentially rogue accounts.

Alerts can show you activities such as when sensitive data is modified or when access permissions have been changed.

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