Case Study

Enhancing Capacity Planning and Cost Management: A Telecommunications Company's Journey to Real-Time Monitoring

Case Study Introduction

Customer Summary

A telecommunications company specialising in providing intelligent phone numbers and related services. Offering a range of solutions including virtual phone numbers, call tracking, and call routing, all designed to enhance businesses' communication capabilities and efficiency. They focus on leveraging technology to empower businesses with effective communication tools tailored to their needs.

Business Challenges

Our Telecoms customer had a critical requirement to monitor infrastructure across their own customer's. This provided them with near real-time insights into infrastructure usage, enabling them to respond proactively to dynamic demands. By leveraging advanced monitoring tools and data analytics, they could identify patterns and trends, predict future infrastructure requirements, and prevent potential issues before they impacted performance. This not only optimised their resource allocation and reduced operational costs but also significantly enhanced their service reliability and customer satisfaction. Real-time insights allowed them to maintain a competitive edge by ensuring their infrastructure was always aligned with the evolving needs of their customers.


Onboard Performance Metric data into Splunk sourced from Nagios

Create infrastructure capacity / monitoring dashboards using the Nagios data onboarded

Allow for the setting of thresholds of metric values to be able to alert on low, medium, and high severity issues


Somerford carried out a Splunk Health Check to offer a comprehensive overview of the Splunk environment, identifying strengths and areas for potential improvement. Our engineer obtained an in-depth understanding of the customer's setup, facilitating a successful implementation.

Splunk Enterprise gave them near real-time monitoring and alerts allowing for capacity planning and cost management.

Our Consultant onboarded polled metrics that are gathered by the customer Nagios server, using Splunk log-to-metric conversion to allow the data to be onboarded as a Splunk metrics data type, which allows for increased search performance/efficiencies and we created an infrastructure capacity dashboard to allow monitoring of infrastructure using this data.

Health Check

Enablement and Training

Priority Resourcing and Implementation

Dedicated Support Desk

Why Somerford?

Our client had engaged with a different Splunk partner initially, but unfortunately, the solution they acquired fell short of expectations. Recognising the importance of technical expertise and a collaborative approach, they sought a new partnership focused on driving tangible business value and achieving successful outcomes.

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