Simplifying IoT Data Ingestion in Real-Time with Lerry Wilson at Splunk

Discussing Splunk's latest IoT data access and processing innovation.

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Episode Summary

In this episode, we explore the transformative capabilities of the Splunk Edge Hub, in partnership with Splunk. The Edge Hub plays a pivotal role in enhancing business resilience by seamlessly integrating data from previously inaccessible sectors such as factories and transportation, highlighting its environmental sensors, protocol translation, and local processing features.

Our discussion extends to the Edge Hub's seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and third-party applications, emphasising its versatility in predictive maintenance and warehouse monitoring. Insights into real-world applications, including a case study with a luxury German car manufacturer, demonstrate significant cost savings and operational efficiencies achieved through predictive maintenance using the Edge Hub.

We dive into the collaborative partnership between Somerford Associates and Splunk, offering dedicated support to customers throughout setup, integration, and ongoing maintenance of the Edge Hub. The importance of skilled personnel and collaborative efforts in leveraging the full potential of the Splunk Edge Hub for business success is underscored, with an emphasis on driving productivity and minimising downtime.


Lerry Wilson,

Senior Director, Platform Ecosystem and Innovation at Splunk

Lerry began his technology career after attending a seminar on the future of personal computing as a cub reporter. Leveraging those years of journalistic curiosity, Lerry continues to passionately question, evolve and promote the immense impact that technology brings to countries, businesses and individuals every day.

Over the past 8 years at Splunk, Lerry has held a variety of positions - all of them focused on helping partners and customers transform their operations using the Splunk Platform. Today, as more machine data gets generated from edge environments, Lerry is focused on identifying, enabling and scaling the Splunk ecosystem to support data insights that transform businesses in every industry.

With data as the new fuel of innovation, Lerry is blessed and honored with the opportunity to work with some of the greatest global brands and enterprises as they evolve their data driven operations.

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