What are the Confluent Migration Accelerator Programme Benefits?

Author: Matt Woodhams
Release Date: 19/03/2024

Confluent and Somerford

Somerford is proud to partner with Confluent as part of their Confluent Migration Accelerator programme to offer a streamlined migration from traditional messaging systems or open-source Kafka deployments to Confluent. Together, Somerford and Confluent aim to alleviate the challenges and complexities associated with migration, enabling organisations to save time and money by migrating to Confluent’s leading data streaming platform.

Somerford’s Confluent Migration Accelerator approach

Somerford’s tailored Confluent migration strategy is based on the latest project management and digital transformation best practices, using a three-phased approach to deliver accelerated value and a seamless migration so our customers can migrate with confidence to Confluent’s complete, cloud-native platform that can be deployed anywhere.

Discovery and Design

Somerford’s certified Confluent consultants and project management professionals will undertake a detailed review of your existing open-source Kafka deployment and use cases, alongside planning for any additional requirements or dependencies which need to be addressed. From this scoping workshop, we will compile a detailed design and migration plan, including an agreed pilot use case to support initial migration testing and validation.

Iterative Implementation

Somerford utilises an iterative approach to implementing the migration, setting up your Confluent environment in line with the latest best practices, and replicating your existing data, schema and configuration for the initial use case. Our consultants will validate that the data and configuration have been migrated successfully and support any required acceptance testing. Further data and use cases will be incrementally migrated to realise early value supported by a fast feedback loop between sprints.

BAU and Beyond

Somerford will provide knowledge transfer throughout the engagement and will document the migrated configuration and any dependencies to support troubleshooting and handover to your BAU team. Ongoing support beyond the project lifecycle is available from Somerford’s Service Desk, as well as opportunities to optimise and customise your new Confluent environment, and deliver further use cases and additional value from the complete feature set only available with Confluent.


Leveraging Somerford’s extensive experience in enabling digital transformations and our specialist Confluent expertise, we have tailored our migration offering to accelerate our customers’ journeys onto Confluent’s data streaming platform, delivering faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership through utilising the latest best practices to ensure a successful migration.

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