Unlocking New Opportunities with GenAI and Data Streaming Platforms (DSPs)

Discover how Generative AI and Data Streaming Platforms can open up new business opportunities.

About the Webinar

Join Confluent Solutions Engineer, Italo Nesi, and Director of Strategy at Somerford, John Dee, to learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning and how developments in ML/GenAI are impacting Data Streaming Platforms (DSP). Understand how synergising Data Streaming with AI can provide new business opportunities and explore practical Time-Sensitive Use Cases.

Co-hosted by Somerford and Confluent, this webinar offers a unique insight into the future of AI-driven data processing.

Meet the Hosts

Webinar Agenda

Unlocking New Opportunities with GenAI and Data Streaming Platforms
Co-hosted by Italo Nesi, Advisory Solutions Engineer at Confluent, and John Dee, Director of Strategy at Somerford

1. Machine Learning - Learn the basics and applications of ML
2. Data Streaming Platforms (DSP) - Understand real-time data processing platforms
3. Synergies between Data Streaming and AI - Discover how integrating data streaming and AI creates new opportunities
4. Time Sensitive Use Cases - Explore practical applications of real-time insights
5. Demo (GenAI Chatbot for Restaurant) - See AI in action with a live restaurant chatbot demonstration
6. Q&A with Italo from Confluent

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