What is Varonis SaaS?

Author: Beth Laws
Release Date: 28/03/2023

Varonis believes security should start with data and organisations should know who can access data and which of that data is most important. Varonis are excited to announce their new cloud-native solution helping to answer these questions by finding critical and sensitive data, eliminating any over-exposure and detecting cyber threats.

Introducing Varonis SaaS

Varonis SaaS is the new cloud-native Data Security Platform recently released to simplify deployment, infrastructure requirements and minimise manual efforts to upkeep the platform, whilst still delivering data security. 

Similar to the Varonis 8.6 Data Security Platform, Varonis SaaS can assist in minimising the risks surrounding data, but now all from one easy-to-use user interface.

Varonis SaaS dashboard showing various configurations

The licensing model has also been simplified for their SaaS offering so all core features are included as standard with every subscription.
These core features include:

  • Dashboards
  • Data Activity Auditing
  • Data Access Intelligence
  • Least Privilege Autonomous Remediation
  • Data Discovery and Classification
  • Sensitivity Labelling
  • Threat Detection and Response
  • Advanced UEBA Models
  • Incident Response Team Services.

Varonis SaaS is available for Windows/NAS devices, Microsoft 365 or as a Hybrid offering to cover both of these. 

Why choose Varonis SaaS?

Deployment of Data Security Platforms have become simpler with the SaaS solution as infrastructure requirements have now been brought to a minimum.  When comparing these with the requirements for Varonis 8.6 we see a reduction in the servers required to host Varonis. As a result of this, customers will no longer need:

  • to withstand the cost of a SQL licence 
  • a reduction in managed server costs
  • deployment of the platform is a lot faster

This all leads to accelerate organisations getting started with their data journey and can start seeing value from Varonis within minutes

With the SaaS solution, organisations can feel reassured that Varonis is up to date. Upgrades, threat models, and classification policies are continuously updated without the need to download package upgrades or patches, giving peace of mind that the platform is not outdated.

As well as knowing all the alert models are up to scratch, customers will also have access to the Varonis Incident Response Team.

Being connected to the Varonis cloud means Varonis’ team of cyber security experts can have eyes on your alerts, so if they see something alarming, they’ll make sure you are aware of this.

Get started with Varonis SaaS with a free Data Risk Assessment

Start your Varonis SaaS journey by getting a free Data Risk Assessment. A DRA is an assessment of an organisation’s file shares and provides a chance to see how Varonis can assist with your Data Protection, Compliance and Threat Detection needs.  As part of the assessment, you’ll receive a report which provides an insight into how much of your data is sensitive, what your active directory vulnerabilities are, and whether any data is over-exposed and accessible to people it shouldn’t be. Data Risk Assessments are entirely free, as is the report you receive.

You can request a Data Risk Assessment from Somerford Associates here.

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