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Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our tech insights podcast, hosted by consultants from Somerford. Our show features expert guests from our partners and customers, providing valuable perspectives on the latest developments in the tech industry.

Splunk Cloud Solutions: Workload Pricing | S01 – E13 | Somerford Podcast

Okta: The Identity Standard | S01 – E12 | Somerford Podcast

Splunk’s Observability Suite: The Pain Points Analysed | S01 – E11 | Somerford Podcast

Managing Multiple Clouds | S01 – E10 | Somerford Podcast

AWS Marketplace: Digital Catalogue Explained | S01 – E09 | Somerford Podcast

HashiCorp: The Cloud Operating Model Explained | S01 – E08 | Somerford Podcast

Splunk Cloud: The Operational Intelligence Platform | S01 – E07 | Somerford Podcast

Cloudian Object Storage Explained: Hybrid Multi-Cloud | S01 – E06 | Somerford Podcast

The Microsoft Teams Explosion Explained | S01 – E05 | Somerford Podcast

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