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Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our tech insights podcast, hosted by consultants from Somerford. Our show features expert guests from our partners and customers, providing valuable perspectives on the latest developments in the tech industry.

What is DevSecOps and why do we need it? | S03-E01 | Somerford Podcast

Helping a CFO Navigate Security Spend | S02-E06 | Somerford Podcast

What is Splunk Observability Cloud? | S02-E05 | Somerford Podcast

5 Things a CISO Needs to Prioritise and how Varonis can Help | S02-E04 | Somerford Podcast

Deputy CISO and Advisory Board Member | E02 | Women in Tech & the Challenges in Cyber Security

Implementing Observability as code with HashiCorp and Splunk | S02-E03 | Somerford Podcast

Building a Cloud Interoperability Security Strategy | S02-E02 | Somerford Podcast

HashiStack: Enterprise vs Open Source | S02-E01 | Somerford Podcast

How Your SWG Could be Blind to 50% of Traffic | S01 – E14 | Somerford Podcast

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