What is Workforce Identity Management?

Author: Riley Martin
Release Date: 26/09/2023

Everyone is unique. This is a fact whether you are looking at someone’s business insights and productivity, what they do socially, or to relax. 

This fact means everyone has a unique identity which, when used with a solution like Okta, can create identities which can be utilised for managing users within an organisation.

Workforce Identity Management is a tool provided by Okta to easily manage every user in your organisation whether you have 10 employees; 10,000; or more. By taking an identity first approach to your organisation, you can put systems in place to allow for complete ease of access for all employees while keeping unwanted users out of the system. This means that all users will have a great experience using your system; but you don’t have to compromise on security.

With Okta, each user will have a profile in your system. This profile can have various data points and groups attached to be able to get a picture of:

  • who this user is, 
  • what they do in the organisation, 
  • what applications they may require (and which ones they don’t) 
  • and also any multi factor authentication tools they have set up.

This allows Okta, and you to get a picture of each user’s identity and then uses these identifiers to enhance the user’s experience as well as use specific security measures which can only be done by that user such as a biometric feature (fingerprint or face recognition for example) or security questions to log into the system.

It is not just on the user experience end that identity enhances, but on a management level, using identity to create an environment that works with its users, not against them. As well as implementing the tools discussed above, the Okta Integration Network works to create accounts in every application your organisation may need, based on the identities created for the users.

Workforce Identity Management Semi Crcle Overview Showing all the Various Parts of it in Okta

Workforce Identity Management is what we can call all these tools (and more) working together as one. They all work to make your organisation, and all the people who work with and for it, more efficient and effective. By utilising identities as a core of your management system, Okta can utilise its Integration Network, Universal Directory, Lifecycle Management, and much more besides to utilise these identities to maximise efficiency, safety, and security within the organisation. This streamlining process can ensure everyone has what they need, when they need it in a safe and secure manner. 

To summarise, Workforce Identity Management is not just a simple tool. It is an idea that can be used across Okta for an identity first security system keeping users a priority while maintaining a secure environment for them, their data, and the company as a whole. With Okta, you can turn identities into something much more than just who someone is, but use it as a key to enable both Okta and your organisation to maximise both productivity and security.

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