How to Securely Engage your Customers and Partners

15/03/19 – Author: Grace Maher – Certified Okta Consultant

In the modern world, almost every application uses identity to provide customised and secure user experiences for internal and external users. Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is the system an application or service uses to understand who a user is, and what information they should have access to, including authentication and authorisation, log-in experience, user preferences and user level data.

Of course, with a larger customer base especially in the retail sector this amount of user data, credentials and authorisation can become messy and complex to manage. With the high street becoming a more competitive place, and online businesses booming with new players every day gaining significant market share, you need to ensure you keep your loyal customers. The IDC predicts that 80% of customers will defect from a company in the next two years because their sensitive data was exfiltrated.

A CIAM solution allows you to spend more time focusing on the user experience, and less time securing access and administering users by leveraging SDK’s and API’s to automate the provisioning of users access to applications, services, products and data. For customers, a CIAM solution is their first door to your world, this is the first impression of you that they receive and customers are expecting more personalisation options and self-service options.

Okta provides a cloud-based CIAM platform that makes life easy for application and web by ensuring they can focus on what they do best, and allow a best of breed solution to take care of the security for them. It rapidly speeds up a businesses time to market by allowing applications and services to be securely delivered to hundreds of thousands of customers with a few clicks. With customers such as MGM delivering their M life loyalty app to millions of customers on a daily basis with Okta, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

With the benefit of features such as adaptive multi-factor authentication, self-service password resets and measures to prevent against phishing, users have more control over their own data and feel much more safe about signing in, whilst still delivering them a much better business flow. By providing more user self-service options it also reduces the load on the customer-facing support desk for basic requests such as password resets, changing email addresses or altering their saved details.

Businesses have found incredible success with CIAM solutions, such as Adobe who said
“I want to use what’s best in class in the market and then apply the Adobe-specific requirements to that stack to get something out to our customers really quickly”.

The unfortunate reality of this is that hardly any businesses have automated life-cycle management, which can cause real security risks from both insider threats and external predators looking to find a broken link in your suit of security armour. When 40% of all security attacks use intrusion tactics, and with 12% of those being targeted at privileged users▴ – it has become more important than ever to manage your identities with flexible, quick and secure methods.

Okta’s “lifecycle Managment” module can assist all businesses with its ability to automate, centralise and simplify your identity managment. Okta has over 5000 pre integrated applications and over 140▵ of these include automated provisioning and de-provisioning , including the biggest names such as Office 365, Box Salesforce, Workday and more.

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