Utility Case Study

How to monitor, report and alert
on data from all devices.

Enhanced  troubleshooting and real-time visibility into event correlation.

Splunk’s software reporting analytics and visualisation capabilities allowed enhanced troubleshooting and  real-time visibility into event correlation.

Somerford’s certified technical consultants quickly automated the monitoring of power stations equipment to provide reporting, analytics, and visualisation capabilities.

Customer Profile

A global Utilities and technology leader in water and wastewater treatment. Offering water treatment equipment and solutions, water purification and sustainable recovery. As an end-to-end water solutions company, they provide access to water technology to treat water for science and industry, reduce global water wastage and treat wastewater efficiently.

They serve customers ranging from the world’s largest industries to public-sector research facilities in municipal, industrial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, scientific and more and with an experienced team of qualified engineers in the business comprehensively covering the UK, they service, maintain, repair and refurbish water treatment equipment or plant.

Technology Products


The easiest way to aggregate and get IT, Security, IoT and business answers from your Machine Data at a massive scale and speed to give you true insights.

Enterprise Security

Gain end-to-end visibility into your security posture with actionable intelligence that helps you prioritise and act fast.

"The experienced team at Somerford were invaluable to us throughout our deployment and are continually working with us to move our project forward across Europe."
- Chief Information and Digital Officer


Looking for a solution to monitor, report and alert on data from devices for fault finding, configuration changes, customer experience and hardware operations, to put them into a position to provide an efficient, enviable service to their customers.


Splunk provides the facility to provide data from the units that were regularly taking readings. Periodically these readings are bundled together and their Splunk Cloud instance monitors, collects and indexes them. Splunk provides service reports to the project teams to be able to identify any areas of anomalous behaviour of equipment. After the simple and effective deployment of Splunk it provides:

Customer Provisions

Provision of an efficient and premium service to customers.

Operational Efficiency

Cost savings and operational efficiency.

Real Insights

Splunk provides answers - decisions are based on the real insights/data.


Increased uptime and improved service levels.

"This type of visibility didn't exist for us before Splunk. This has dramatically reduce our engineering time and increased uptime and improved Service Levels - we are now providing a proactive service to our customers."
- Digital Service Manager

Why Somerford?

Somerford Associates are an Elite Partner with Splunk and have certified experts who worked diligently to understand this industry leading water company’s business needs and requirements to provide a balanced solution that worked for all stakeholders. Somerford’s technician’s knowledge was outstanding and our ongoing relationship is allowing us to continually enhance our instance to gain continual operational benefits.

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