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Empowering a Leading University with Splunk Cloud Transformation

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Case Study Introduction

Customer Summary

This university has over 25,000 students from over 140 countries and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across its five faculties. The university is known for its research excellence, particularly in areas such as cosmology, neuroscience, and security.


An esteemed University needed to transition from an On-Premise Splunk configuration to Splunk Cloud. This initiative aimed to lower support and maintenance costs associated with local infrastructure.

The client and Somerford Associates mutually decided that the new Cloud solution would adopt a 'Day Zero' approach, involving a clean slate setup without migrating data from the existing Splunk system.

The planning of the delivery adhered to a standard waterfall approach, with each stage subject to quality checkpoint assurance under the client's supervision.

Business Challenges

With increasing infrastructure costs and demands on internal resources, the University was looking to utilise cloud and a workload licence model that would facilitate more use cases and data ingest without impacting performance or costs.

Cloud First

Increasing infrastructure costs

A need for a full move to the cloud.

Greater data ingest without losing performance

Still ’back-hauling’ users to apply security for remote workers via VPN.


Splunk Cloud SVC model with a greenfield migration plan managed by a Somerford Project Manager. We provided enablement, training and a delivery service through our SC Professional Services. We continue to provide ongoing support through our in-house support desk and provide a dedicated account manager.
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University and Somerford task list with descriptions for rollout

Why Somerford?

We have been working with the University for many years providing delivery and support services with regular health checks, support desk, account management and enablement. We have a strong relationship and are a trusted advisors for Cloud Transformation across the University.

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