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Successful Splunk Cloud Migration: Overcoming Complex Challenges with Somerford

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Case Study Introduction

Setting the Scene

Somerford was engaged to provide their expert services for a complex Splunk Cloud migration project. A global information company that provides data, analytics, and solutions to various industries, including energy, finance, and transportation. The company serves customers in over 165 countries around the world.


The task was to migrate from on-premises data centers in London, Europe, and the USA to AWS. This project spanned over 10 months due to its complexity and involved overcoming various challenges.

What Was Achieved

Complex migration into one environment on AWS

The project involved consolidating multiple on-premises data centers into a single environment on AWS, making it a highly intricate task.

Cost Savings Through Cloud Migration

By moving from on-premises to the cloud, the client aimed to achieve significant cost savings.

Expiring Data Center Leases and Tight Timescales

The urgency was further compounded by the imminent expiration of data center leases, necessitating quick action.

Business Challenges

The migration to Splunk Cloud from the global data centers presented several challenges:

Multiple On-Premises Data Centers

The client's data was spread across various on-premises data centers, adding complexity to the migration.

Project Delays Due to a Merger

The project encountered delays due to a merger, imposing tight timescales for completion.

Mid-Project Migration to AWS:

A crucial decision was made midway through the project, upon Somerford's recommendation, to migrate to AWS. This was essential to meet the project timescales.

Troubleshooting Complex Network and Firewall Infrastructure

Addressing existing complex network and firewall infrastructure issues was a critical challenge.


Somerford helped drive technical adoption through multiple professional services projects including an enterprise containers deployment. This accelerated solution adoption of both AWS infrastructure and HashiCorp Vault adoption.


The project delivered outstanding results on multiple fronts. A flawless migration of 103 on-premises Splunk services and over 200TB of vital data, ensuring a seamless transition of critical resources. Impressively, this migration was achieved with absolutely no discernible impact on end-users, even in the face of implementing hundreds of crucial firewall changes. The project's efficiency shone through as it was completed within just a few days of closing down the data centers.

Why Somerford?

As a multi-ISV channel partner, Somerford understood the marketplace first strategy and was able to position AWS Marketplace with the support of the AWS team. Somerford proved to be the ideal partner for this complex project. Their expertise and skills were pivotal in the success of the migration. Working closely with the client's project teams, Somerford provided a comprehensive suite of services, including discovery, preparation, data cleaning, validation, pre-migration, cutover, and documentation.

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