Modern Slavery Policy Statement

1. Introduction

This statement relating to Somerford Associates Limited’s slavery and human trafficking policy, is made in accordance and compliance with section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

2. Policy Statement

It is our aim to conduct our business relationships in a transparent, fair and respectful manner at all times, including the employment of staff, the engagement of suppliers and partners, and the development of relationships with customers. We will not tolerate slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business and are committed to ensuring that it does not take place in our supply chain and partner network.

2.1 Responsibilities

This policy is set by the Directors and Management Team of Somerford Associates Limited, who are also responsible for ensuring that it is fully enacted throughout the business.

2.2 Management and control

We will ensure that effective systems and controls are in place to verify this policy is understood by our staff and implemented and enforced throughout the organisation.

2.3 Supply chain management

We will not knowingly accept, sell on, or endorse the products or services from suppliers, manufacturers or business partners who adopt slavery or human traffiicking practices in their business. We will take all reasonable care to only work with suppliers and partners who adopt a similar policy.

3. Approval

Signed on behalf of Somerford Associates Limited, (Company # 04250112)

Andy Davies, Director
20th September 2021

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