Real-Time Data Streaming with Confluent and Somerford

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Setting the Scene

In this session, we'll reveal the shortcomings of traditional data strategies and advocate for a new approach. We'll emphasise the crucial role of a Data Streaming Platform in evolving a company's data strategy, showcasing Confluent as the central nervous system for an organisation.

During the webinar, we'll present several client success stories that highlight the value of adopting a data-centric approach, treating data as a product for both internal and external users.

This session is designed for a business-focused audience, equipping them to prioritise strategic goals over technical solutions. It's not a technical presentation, but it can also assist technical professionals in communicating the business benefits when engaging with the line of business.

Webinar Agenda

Confluent Real-Time Data Streaming Webinar
With Peter Pugh-Jones at Confluent

1. Discussing the limitations of traditional data strategies and proposing a new approach.
2. Emphasising the pivotal role of Data Streaming Platforms in evolving data strategies, with a focus on Confluent as the central system.
3. Sharing client use cases showcasing the advantages of data-centric approaches for both internal and external users.
4. Customising content for a business-focused audience, promoting discussions on strategic goals rather than technical details, benefiting both business and technical professionals.

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