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Do my firewalls still protect me?

Traditional firewalls do not seem to meet our existing or future requirements.

Firewalls and VPNs have been around for more than 20 years but have unfortunately not changed to support our current working methods. Technology has changed dramatically and so has the way people connect to company resources.

In today’s world people are more connected, but more dispersed, yet still require access to applications that may be hosted on-premise or in the Cloud. The question is – how do we protect these network connections now that the network perimeter we knew previously has disappeared? Cyxtera can provide a secure infrastructure for the Modern Enterprise.

Are VPNs now redundant?

VPNs are simple perimeter-based gateways. They were not designed as complete security solutions. Once authorised a user has complete over-entitled access to your network. What we need now is a software defined perimeter (SDP) which dynamically creates 1 to 1 network connections between users and the data they access. This is where AppGate SDP comes in.

SDP reduces the attack surface in real-time by creating a discrete, encrypted network segment of one, making everything else invisible and inaccessible. The architecture is made up of three primary components: a client, controller and gateway. The controller is where the brains of the system resides, acting as a trust broker for the system. The Controller checks context and grants entitlements. The controller and gateway are completely cloaked.

How can I secure my AWS resources in the cloud?

Can AppGate help secure this?

AWS works with its customers to provide best-in-class security for public cloud environments. With AWS, enterprises share responsibility for aspects of cloud security. Specifically, AWS is responsible for security of the cloud and enterprises are responsible for what’s in the cloud. 

Using the strong security foundations provided by AWS, companies can augment the security of their hybrid cloud environments by using AppGate SDP to implement security in the Cloud.

Further to this, AppGate SDP is a Software Defined Perimeter which is designed around an individual. It is also built for the Cloud and based upon a zero-trust model. Fine-grained access control adjusts access automatically based on changes in user context while hiding all cloud resources except those that the user is authorised to see.

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