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Setting up SplunkWeb with Third Party Certificates End-to-End on a Built Environment (Part 3)

Author: Laurence Everitt
Release Date: 29/05/2024


This is the last part of a 3 part explanation of how to uplift SplunkWeb from presenting a regular HTTP website to using full-blown SSL/TLS HTTPS website, end-to-end. For further information, please see the previous parts, Part 1: Overview and Part 2: The Details.


Here is Splunk’s web page for troubleshooting and debugging TLS Certificates. Here are a few openssl commands that you can use when trying to work out what is wrong when your certificates don’t work:

How to Read the Contents of an X509 Certificate with OpenSSL

If you don’t know what the certificate contains, use this command to read the contents of the cert.pem:

SplunkWeb Certificates Blog Post Part #3 1

This should respond with the human-readable contents of the certificate such as this:

SplunkWeb Certificates Blog Post Part #3 2

How To Verify The Certificate Chain With Openssl

Try this command to verify that the certificate.pem is valid from the certificate-chain.pem CA File:

SplunkWeb Certificates Blog Post Part #3 3

This should respond with the following if all is okay:

SplunkWeb Certificates Blog Post Part #3 4

How to Verify that the x509 Certificate Matches the RSA Key with Openssl

In this case, you use two commands - one upon the certificate and one on the key, asking for the modulus of the item. These two items then need to be compared and found to be IDENTICAL:

SplunkWeb Certificates Blog Post Part #3 5

If the certificates match, you will get the following, otherwise they will differ:

How to Verify that the Certificate Period is Valid with Openssl

Use this command to verify the dates that the certificate is valid for the manager.pem:

This should respond with something like the following message. Make sure that this time includes the current date:

SplunkWeb Certificates Blog Post Part #3 8

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