Island - The Enterprise Browser

Redefining the browser for the Enterprise

Leveraging the open-source browser that all major browsers are based on, Island provides fine-grained policy control over every facet of a user’s interaction with a web application giving the enterprise limitless visibility, control and compliance with their most critical applications. Island can serve as the platform for the future of productive and secured work.

Example Use Cases

SaaS and internal Web Apps

Protect and enable what matters most

3rd party contractors

Engage simply and safely with contractors

BYOD workforce

Enable freedom at work while fully protecting your data

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Value of VDI without the pain or expense

Privilege user accounts

Govern and monitor all critical enterprise activity

Say ‘Yes’ at work

Enable consumer or risky applications in a safe environment

Zero Trust

Naturally deliver the last mile of zero trust

Safe browsing

Makes browsing safe across the enterprise

The Enterprise Browser Capabilities

Learn more about the capabilities of Island's Enterprise Browser with this essential capabilities datasheet.


What is Island?

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