Varonis & Splunk: Working Together

Threat Detection Investigations for Remote Workers Webinar

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Join Grace Maher, Certified Splunk & Varonis Engineer at Somerford, for a presentation and demonstration on Varonis and Splunk working together.

Visualise your at-risk assets with advanced threat detection from Varonis by locating notable Varonis alerts directly from the Splunk user interface, and then drill down into Varonis DatAlert to get additional insights into the alert and the context in which it was generated.

Enhance security benefits and accelerate investigations by giving users the ability to locate Varonis alerts directly in the Splunk user interface and drill down for additional insight and context into what’s going on, giving comprehensive visibility of users in a remote working environment and knowing what data they are touching.

• Introduction to Varonis and Splunk
• Today’s Threat Landscape
• Attack Scenarios (DNS & Phishing and Brute Force)
• Holistic Monitoring View

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