Top 5 reasons why you should deploy Splunk Cloud on AWS

Author: Grace Maher
Release Date: 27/05/2021

Splunk Cloud is a flexible, secure, and cost effective cloud data platform that turns data into answers and allows you to centralise your logs, application data, metrics, network and business processes into one single pane of glass, without the need for any administrative burden on your business. 

By utilising the industry’s most reliable cloud platform, AWS, you can take advantage of the architectural flexibility and security without compromising your existing infrastructure and reduce the time to deploy dramatically.

When we start discussing data platforms, and more so when discussing cloud data platforms, the question we always get asked is “what is in it for me?” or “what would I get out of this investment?” – so we have written our top five reasons for deploying Splunk Cloud on AWS.

1. Reduces Deployment Time From Weeks to Days

Normally, a deployment of Splunk begins with some up-front time to actually develop, build and deploy the architecture for Splunk to run on, for example setting up a search head and indexer cluster can at the minimum require 7 servers all requiring tuning, installation and configuration. With Splunk Cloud you are already delivered a ready running cluster of search heads and indexers to start sending your data from day 1, and create searches on the first day of deployment. AWS has the most choice of availability zones of any platform which also provides you better control over the geographic location of your data with more failover suitable zones in case an entire DC goes down.

2. Built for Scale

From experience we have seen how quickly Splunk can size out as more users start seeing the value it brings to the business and want to get involved analysing their own data, creating their own dashboards, reports and alerts, and more users and more data usually creates a problem for infrastructure teams, who are faced with overloaded servers and queueing searches, and more and more end-users complaining about it. With Splunk Cloud on AWS, from day 1 you are delivered a highly available clustered environment, but as you grow with the platform, and as you ingest more data, the Cloud platform will grow with you.

3. Enhanced Performance & Always Up to Date

Have you ever seen an amazing new feature that you would love to use with your data, but find that upgrading your platform would require some time and your every day work gets in the way of you having the time to focus on it? By leveraging Splunk Cloud on AWS, you are always upgraded to the latest and greatest version during a maintenance window suitable for your team. This means any pesky bugs are always fixed, and also means you are always able to make use of the newest features of the platform, creating more value from your investment that previously may have gone unearthed due to other internal priorities.

4. Over 200 Apps & Premium Solutions

If you are a current Splunk on-prem customer and you are concerned about current apps or premium solutions such as Enterprise Security or IT Service Intelligence not being cloud compatible then have no fear! Over 900 of the most used apps for on-prem Splunk have already been vetted for Cloud and are available for to get out of the box dashboards, reports and alerts from, you can also leverage our premium solutions in a super-fast environment as they have their own dedicated infrastructure. If you have any custom-built apps you can also have these migrated across to prevent you losing any of the hard work you may have done on-premise.

5. Robust Security & Compliance

When you are putting all your organisations data into a cloud platform, we understand and expect that you would want to scrutinise the security and compliance of your new platform. Splunk Cloud has been SOC2 Type 2 and ISO27001 certified, with optional extra checks for PCI or HIPAA related data. For any businesses working with classified, personally identifiable or other regulated data, you can also have the peace of mind that all administrators working on the back-end of your platform would also be trained in the compliance requirements and ensure they are upheld at every change, no matter how minor. Every customer with Splunk Cloud has their own environment within their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and encryption in transit is always used, with encryption at rest available as an option should you require enhanced security.


Overall, Splunk Cloud has been tried and tested to be the easiest way to aggregate, analyse and get the answers you need from your data in just days.

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