Splunk Phantom Webinar

Supercharge your security operations with Splunk Phantom

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Splunk Phantom provides security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities that allow analysts to improve efficiency and shorten incident response times. It supercharges the scalability, performance and speed of your security automation with the ability to process 50,000 security events per hour. With Phantom, organisations are able to improve security and better manage risk by integrating teams, processes and tools together. Security teams can automate tasks, orchestrate workflows and support a broad range of security operations center (SOC) functions including event and case management, collaboration and reporting.

Join our upcoming webinar session to experience the advantages that Splunk Phantom provides, and how you could apply these benefits to your organisation. 

• An Overview of the Splunk Platform for Security
• How to Orchestrate your Security Tools
• How to Build and Run Phantom Playbooks
• Phantom Event & Case Management Centre
• Integration between Splunk Enterprise, Enterprise Security and Splunk Phantom
• Where to go for more Information

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