Splunk, Okta & Netskope Integration

How best of breed technologies within IAM, SASE & data analytics are better together.

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Join Grace Maher, Splunk & Okta Certified Engineer, and Baz Donoghue, Splunk & Netskope Certified Consultant, as they demonstrate how best of breed technologies within IAM, SASE and Data analytics are better together.

During the webinar we will explore how Splunk, Okta and Netskope foster symbiotic relationships to tackle complex cloud security challenges and how they can be leveraged to provide additional value and support each other to provide a better resolution security picture.

• Who and what are Somerford Associates? 
• Overview of the technologies (Splunk, Okta & Netskope)
• How the Integrations work
• An Integration example
• Summary & Questions and Answers

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