Splunk Augmented Reality Webinar

Consume, interact, and take action on data wherever it lives.

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We know data is everywhere but does that really mean you can access or “consume” this data in a meaningful way, any place, anywhere, any time? Well, the answer to this conundrum now could be a resounding YES! Splunk Augmented Reality (AR) provides you with access to your data on the go, on your mobile device, anywhere, in a meaningful way. 

Using Splunk AR, you can tie data to real-world objects and locations so users can consume, interact with, and take action with data where it lives. Scan barcodes or use beacons and geofences to view real-time augmented reality visualizations and Splunk dashboards on your mobile device.

Join our webinar with Mark Atkinson to learn just how Augmented Reality works, and why adopting it could provide unseen benefits for your organisation.

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